The Unofficial Waypoint Community Game Jam 2018


I think I might do this. “What if Suddenly the Ground Was Gone”, “Sword of Trumpocles” and “The 'Ol Bahama Mama” are sound like they have potential


In addition to @Shivoa’s post, I’d say to err on the side of caution. This is just a community organized jam, but that may not be clear to an outside organization and we should avoid anything that might lead to trouble for the staff.

Not trying to single you out or anything though, thanks for asking such a good question, it’s worth keeping in mind for everyone.


I saw a few “single player battle royale” games in the last Ludum Dare. It’s an interesting concept, and I think there’s a lot of stuff to explore with it. I’m always a fan of games where the enemies feel “symmetrical”: they have all the same verbs as the player, the same health, and they’re doing stuff even when they’re off-screen.

What aspects of Breath Of The Wild are you thinking of drawing from? I’m picturing something similar to the 2D prototype that Nintendo showed at their GDC talk. Although stuff like fire, destructible trees, etc. might be difficult for AI pathfinding.


I mostly intend to use mechanics like fire propagation, cooking simple recipes, and weapon durability. So things that gave BotW the experience it had, without being explicit with characters or locations. The map I’ll implement will still have elements of Hyrule like a central plains, some forest area, ruins, a desert, and mountains.


y’all I am s t o k e d for this but also very bad at art so if you’re an artist looking for a designer/amateur programmer, let me know!


Hey just as a reminder, if you can’t do art don’t worry about it!

Look at games like West of Loathing

Just make your “bad” art style your own :smile:


Hey All,

I’ve been writing code as a software engineer for over a decade. Super comfortable in C, C++ and Python, have done a lot of work in C#, HTML5 / JS interactive frameworks. I have novice exposure to Unity, but mostly am excited about working on the game. Please send me a message either here or on the discord if you think I’d make a good fit to your team.

– nmjohn


yo I’d love to help out with a project here!! I have a little bit of experience doing some hobbyist projects in unreal (design, scripting, super basic vfx). Also reasonably comfortable C++/python programming (probably most useful just doing gameplay stuff though, there are some seriously qualified folks around). I could even probably do a bit of sound/music stuff, or some super goofy low poly 3d models if you’re needing a few extra assets here and there. let me know!


Hewo looking for a team!

Im not very good at anything but id love to help out, i can do basic video editing, and maybe some shitty art, but im happy to learn and work with nice folks!
Let me know, contact me and all those things!


Since you seem to be up on how fucked copyright stuff can be with indie games, I got a couple questions:

  1. How does copyright usually shake out with free games using copyrighted material from outside of games? I imagine copyrighted music of any sort is out of the question, but what about say, aping a Windows UI for an in-game computer?

  2. Is’s whole catalogue free to use in a project, or is it a case-by-case basis of how and why each album/song is free to listen to?


Each song on Free Music Archive has its own license in a grey box on the right side of the page, this one for example is CC (creative commons) BY (attribution, give the artist a credit). Clicking on the box opens a page that describes how you’re allowed to use it. For a jam like this you should be okay to use anything marked BY and NC, non-commercial. If you need a place start here’s a search filtered for acceptable licenses.


I am by no means a lawyer or have any real knowledge on it but to play it safe:

  1. Call it something besides Windows such as Doors or Porthole

  2. Make it look similar but still have originalities in it

As an example Linux Mint’s Cinnamon is a common one people install for older folks because it is very close looking to Windows if you are trying to prevent grandpa from downloading 20,000 new viruses because he clicks on every Facebook pop up ad.


Also there are a ton of different Linux Desktop Environments that you could copy and no one is going to come looking for your head. In fact there’s a rather sizeable niche community of people who just like making their desktop look really unique. You might just want to go look at some stuff they’ve made for ideas.


This is all super helpful n concise, y’all, thanks for clarifying!


Alright everyone the Itch page is up!


Just wanted to post some links to some tools that are currently on sale that people might find useful for the jam

  • Tabletop Simulator, great tool if you are wanting to make a virtual board game

  • RPG Maker MV, I can’t comment on it but there are a ton of these, so if you want to maybe just pay $5 look at an older version

  • Aseprite is a great sprite editor that my friends seem to really like

Share your games writing/criticism!

Last year was a blast! Going to try to put my newly achieved but still limited Construct 2 skills to work this year!


If anyone wants to team up for something simple and maybe 2d please let me know! I cannot program but I can design and art~


It’s the first of the month which mean The Unofficial Waypoint Big Boy Season game jam has started!

Be sure to check out the original post for all the links, rules, and advice!


It’s day 4 of Big Boy Season and you can still join! The game jam runs all month long! It’s even more inclusive this year as you don’t have to make video games! You can make card, board, tabletop, roleplaying, LARPs, and even sports games! Real sports that is like rugby! Of course you’ll never improve on the wonder that is rugby.

But you can try! And submit it all to Big Boy Season!


Because this is a month time-frame I had enough time to try something, realise it’s not realistic for my skills and the time, and then ditch it to try something else. It’s very nice.

Thankfully in the last month or so I have started to properly learn Unity and C# coding so I had a made-from-scratch first person controller ready to drop in and go from another project, now it’s just adding unique features and build levels!

Looking forward to share pics and stuff as Big Boy Season marches on ^^