The Unofficial Waypoint Destiny 2 Nuzlocke Raid Challenge

Hi Folks!
Six of us on the Waypoint discord server (and here on the forums) are planning to undertake what’s been dubbed the Destiny 2 Nuzlocke Challenge (or Raid Crawl). We wanted to share our set of rules, let folks know that we’ll be streaming it live, and have this as a place for questions or comments on the challenge.


So what is this challenge?
The idea (taken from the Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge) is that you and your raid team run through each Destiny 2 raid in order they were released, the big catch being that you start with only basic (common) starting gear. As you go, you get new equipment from the raids that you can then use, but it may lead to so tough situations. There are quite a few established metas around each raid and encounter within that revolve around certain weapons or exotic armor pieces, and you don’t have those to fall back on. You’ll be stuck with whatever you loot from the raids themselves, which you won’t be able to control the outcome of.


Schedule (updated)
Our third (and final?) session is scheduled for Today (10/17) at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific US. As with the first two sessions, streaming will be done on @alixnovosi’s channel ( and we’d love for waypoint folks to come by and say hi! We’re picking up where we left off at the Sanctified Mind encounter of the Garden of Salvation raid (the last encounter of our run!).

Our first session took place on September 26th, and the second was back on Saturday the 10th. It’s been was a lot of fun. The twitch vod of the first session is currently available here, and the second is here, if you want to check it out!

After our next session I’ll update the post with another vod link. Feel free to post any comments or questions in the meantime.


Here’s full set of rules we’ll be using (modified from runs done by others including a video of a run done by friends of friends):

  1. Raids are done chronologically according to release date [Leviathan -> Eater of Worlds -> Spire of Stars -> Last Wish -> Scourge of the Past -> Crown of Sorrows -> Garden of Salvation]

  2. Starting equipment must be Common Leveling Armor Set (your choice of appearance) and Common Weapons of choice (one per slot).
    2a. Exception made for Heavy slot as no common exists (may select 1 Uncommon).
    2b. You must start with double primaries in honor of the Y1 meta.

  3. Drops you receive from a raid chest will replace starting equipment.

  4. No world drops (via engrams) are allowed unless it is an exotic world drop.

  5. Exotics can only be used if they drop for you during the raid.

  6. You must equip the drop you receive.

    6a. In the event that a special weapon drop would cause special weapons to be equipped in both slots, you may choose to delay equipping it until a primary is dropped for the non-delayed slot. If a new weapon is received for a delayed slot (primary or secondary), the delayed weapon is overridden by Rule 6 and lost. Rule 6a can only be applied to one weapon slot at a time.

    6b. In the event that a primary weapon drop would cause primary weapons to be equipped in both slots, a delay option similar to Rule 6a applies for any Y2+ raid. In Y1 raids, the double primary loadout must be equipped.

  7. Vanguard Dare: The team must use a 2 Hunters - 2 Titans - 2 Warlock composition.

  8. Only Y1 subclasses (top or bottom tree) are allowed in Y1 raids. Beginning with Last Wish, all classes and subclasses are allowed.

  9. You must stay on the class you started. Subclass and appropriate choices within may be changed at will.

  10. Artifact mods are not allowed (though encounters which contain Champions permit the use of anti-barrier and overload mods). All other mods are allowed.

  11. Wish #11 must be inputted during the Last Wish raid.

  12. Leviathan Underbelly chests must be opened after every encounter.

  13. The team must navigate the Underbelly without using a map.

  14. You can cash in Calus tokens for at most 3 engrams with Benedict after completing Spire of Stars. Rule 6 applies to the gear earned from these engrams as well.



This sounds rad as hell! What a fun idea, hope I can catch this live.

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A little less than 2 hours before we head to the Leviathan and see what kind of trouble is afoot. My Titan is ready to rock:

(edit: After some more thought, I’m trading my sword in for a Grenade Launcher, and in doing so, I’m sure to have cursed myself to getting a sword from one of the loot chests)

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Alright, our first session is in the books and went really smoothly. Thanks to everyone who joined us live and for others who checked out the vod after. I just updated the original post with a direct link to that vod, as well as our scheduled second session (this Sunday at 1pm Eastern time). I hope folks get a chance to join us for that.

In our first session we got all the way to the Morgeth encounter in Last Wish before getting really slowed up. As somewhat expected, some folks had some real poor luck with drops (i think Adam had like 5 power weapon drops in Levi switching him back and forth between rocket launchers and swords at the worst times), but we pulled together well and made the most of it.

As I definitely expected, I think it was a fun test of our knowledge of these raids, and we got further than I thought we might in the time we had planned. Spire of Stars, a raid I generally chalk up as a bit of a pain, might’ve been our smoothest one and even went faster than Eater of Worlds. Fatigue started to set in for me at Morgeth in Wish, as I was struggling to get good damage numbers with my loadout, and we just couldn’t quite complete a one-phase. But we got through it and then immediately got the Vault done in one attempt.

We saved Riven for our next session, which should be a great starting test. We have two people with swords and two with rocket launchers, what could go wrong?


Just a quick update to note that we’ve pushed back our second session to next weekend.

Quick bump to note that we’ll be going live with session two, starting at Riven (!), tomorrow (2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific). Hope to see folks there :smiley:

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Alright, the final (!) session of this will be happening today at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific US. Stream details are the same as in my original post.

It all comes down to this. The Sanctified Mind in the Garden of Salvation. When we left off last session, we were beaten. Our power weapon rng finally caught up to us and cost us the ability to deal enough damage (one of us still has a sword). We pulled out some old tactics to try to stretch things out, but we just couldn’t get it done. We had been going for about 6 hours and everything was starting to get a bit hazy.

Today we’ll be back at it fresh with some new ideas, hopefully clearer eyes (and certainly full hearts :smiley:). Hope to see you there!

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