The Unofficial Waypoints Directory


Hi, all. I’ve seen a few people asking for an overall breakdown of what’s been featured on Waypoints. I thought this would make for a good community cataloguing initiative – organising the backlog, keeping on top of new episodes, and helping us rediscover the works that have been inspiring, provoking, and infuriating the Waypoint staff.

My initial ambition for this would be to get a list – I’d also like to try and timestamp it out if we could. I think that’s a little more ambitious. I’m not planning a Waypoints relisten-athon anytime soon, but if someone went back to look over an episode or was doing a relisten, feel free to drop the timestamp info in the thread. It’d be super helpful for people looking to skip around.

If you can think of any other info that would be good to include, let me know and we can factor it in!

The Waypoints Directory

Please note that all timestamps do not account for programmatic advertisements inserts. They may not be 1:1 with your actual episode depending on the length or existence of advertisements in your pod product.

  • Waypoints #1 (9/19/2018 / Article / Thread)
    1. The Art of Influence Exhibit (Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts)
    2. Mandy
    3. The Dragon Prince
    4. Twin Peaks
  • Waypoints #2 (09/27/2018 / Article / Thread)
    1. Serial: Season 3
    2. Ikiru
    3. Halloween Horror Nights
    4. “Hopelessly Devoted” by Marc Sessler
  • Waypoints #24 (03/22/2019 / Article / Thread)
    1. gen:LOCK (00:00:00)
    2. The Dragon Prince (00:55:12)

I Wanna Help Out!

Okay, thank goodness somebody does – it’d take me a might long time to get through this list!

If you want to either list out an episode’s subjects or help timestamp it, you can get a list of Waypoints episodes through the website tag Waypoints. This doesn’t seem to be used 100% of the time, so we’ll want to check the Podcasts tag too.

If you don’t know the number, don’t worry – as we get the list together, we’ll be able to re-number based on dates.

Formatting for Submissions
>    * **Waypoints #X** (MM/DD/YYYY / [Article]() / [Thread]())
>        1. Topic 1 (hh:mm:ss) [if available])
>        2. Topic 2 
>        3. Topic 3
>        4. Topic 4

If you just use this and put it in your post, I can pull it out with my moderator powers – this’ll just keep the formatting consistent.

If you want to give timestamps, do it by list. Timestamping isn’t exact, given ad inserts give the closest time without ad inserts (since ads can vary in length) or timing it to the break (if the topics neatly fall into a pre/post-break structure). If you get an ad, estimate the timestamp.

Once we start getting timestamps, I’ll add a disclaimer about this so folks don’t end up jumping deep into spoiler territory.

This is a thread for a discussion/curation of the list – if you want to discuss an episode, go to its specific thread!. Trust me, we all want to discuss Walker’s takes in Waypoints #57, but that’s what that thread is for, you know?

Do make a post letting us know if a timestamp is wrong, a discussed topic isn’t covered, or if any information needs to be added!