The Vapourware Remembrance Thread - Here's to cancelled games


Ever saw or read about an unreleased game you were really looking forward to playing? This will hopefully be your thread to join together in suffering as we fantasise what might have been with the likes of Half-Life 2: Episode 3, Mega Man Legends 3, Star Wars 1313 and Silent Hills, as well as consolidate and talk the various prototypes, leaked builds and public builds from all sorts.

Here’s an obscure one to start off:

Captain Scarlet: Retaliation

This was a RTS game based on the 1967 British puppet sci-fi Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons where you would have had to defend various bases, people or objects from being killed or destroyed by psychopathic bloodthirsty martians. It was developed by Batfish and to be published by Digital Workshop and meant to be released in 2003 when the IP was going through a revival, and hey, Captain Scarlet was fucking cool. Unfortunately, though the game was completed, it was cancelled and Batfish folded shortly after.

Some more info here:

So what unreleased games intrigued you?


StarCraft Ghost.

I loved Metal Arms on Gamecube and the developers who made it were bought by Blizzard to make Ghost and then nothing ever happened. :frowning:




Silent Hills is my ultimate. It’s in my opinion the best horror series in games and personally, in general. Silent Hill is the best horror thing.

Akira Yamaoka was onboard for music and sound. It was going to get continued by Guillermo Del Toro, a true horror lover, Hideo Kojima, a man who is known for not giving a fuck, and JUNJI FUCKING ITO can we take a second and think about THAT? The only person who comes close to dethroning Silent Hill as the best horror thing was going to work on it. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Particularly the line Kojima had in an interview about how he doesn’t care if people stop playing because they’re too scared, and in fact wants them to, had me really excited about the things he would pull in the main game. P.T. was obviously just a concept, but the fact that it’s now a classic horror experience in its own right that is inspiring more games showed the powerful things that team could do together.

There were other vaporware things I was heartbroken about when I was younger, but nothing touches Silent Hills. God damn it, Konami.


i’m still heartbroken over Silent Hills; it’s mine as well. it’s surely going to go down as the video game equivalent of The Magnificent Ambersons (or perhaps that specific event is more apropos for MGS5).


MechAssualt 3 was in development when FASA got shut down, and I’ll mourn its loss forever. Likewise, the MechWarrior game that got canned because Microsoft inisted it be an Xbox/PC exclusive is something that would’ve been great to see.

Prey 2 also might’ve been cool.


Half Life 3.

I remember a time when I was exited about it. I was a far more naïve and less cynical version of myself back then. I had just bought the Orange Box and finished Ep. 2 alongside with Portal. Had a blast with both of them. It felt like Valve was a fresh company with exciting ideas. I was on board.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


The original Fallout 3 (a.k.a. Fallout Van Buren) comes to mind.


hey guys i brought my macintosh plus tapes and m-

oh that said vaporWARE not vaporWAVE


Put the Macintosh plus tapes on anyway. I like them.


Arcanum was going to get a sequel using the Source engine called “Journey to the center of Arcanum”


Here’s a neat video about a game that got caught in dev hell. Really interesting.

This channel actually has quite a few videos about some cool vapourware.

Dead Phoenix is a classic example, also.

Also, call me a jerk, but whatever Bioshock Infinite was planned on being instead of what it actually ended up being. The centrist false equivalencies might have still been in there, too, but I don’t know.

Unseen64 is totally giving me a lot of fun right now.


Sadness was a game announced near the lanch of the Wii that never materialized. It was never shown in a playable state and I remember a lot of angry speculation that it never existed beyond the concept.

I remember really looking forward to it at the time (seems really naïve in retrospect).