The Veil: Cascade a post-cyberpunk roleplaying game



I hope it’s not too sleazy to plug your own thing but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least try to get my project out there. Especially toward a good group of people cultivated here, where I am enjoying myself very much. The Veil: Cascade is the name of the project I am Kickstarting right now.

We just hit our 12,000 goal which means we are getting a really talented designer, Kira Magrann, designer of Resistor vol.1, Strict Machine, and Twilight Dames, to make a feminist and queer setting. I am excited as heck about this.

At $14,000 CAD we will commission Dana Kubilus, designer of CyberKittens: Project Bakeneko for use with The Sprawl. “Upcycle” will explore what happens when both technology and human flesh fail, forcing the denizens of The Veil to find new ways of existing that rely on neither. Spoiler, people use cats.

At $16,000 CAD we will commission Kate Bullock, of Bluestocking Organic Gaming, for a setting that includes an adventure starter: Emotions are power. The more of any feeling you have, the more you can do with it. They say anger fuels some people? Or love? Fucking right it does. And we’ve figured it out. From Clairsents to Emo-jacks to Feels Markets, the world has figured it out. The more of something you have, the more you can do with it. Buy, sell, steal, and burn the emotions you have. Don’t wanna be sad? Fucking sell that shit. Need to convince someone you love ‘em? Jack up a few bits of happy and be on your merry. There isn’t anything you can’t do with the right feel.

At $18,000 CAD we will commission Quinn Murphy, designer of Five Fires, Community Radio, and Underworld, for a setting that includes an adventure starter: “Welcome to Sentax” is a setting about incarceration, but also about transformation: how do you hold on to yourself without compromise, and can you bear the cost? It’s main inspirations are Clockwork Orange, Psycho Pass, and Bitch Planet. “Welcome to Sentax” is a setting designed to work as a standalone setting or in conjunction with another setting if the characters are ever caught and sent to a correctional facility.

The Veil is a game I designed for a few years and Kickstarted last year. It did very well, and is actually the foundation of a larger design goal, of which the next step is Cascade.

In it, humanity has the technology to perceive both the digital and the physical in a blended, hybridized reality via neurochips that are implanted into almost every denizen of society. This veil that has become the new reality is ubiquitous and pervasive.

It gives you everything you need to extrapolate a cyberpunk future from our present and places interesting, compelling characters that drive the fiction at the center of it all while enabling everyone at the table to contribute what they like about cyberpunk to the fiction.

Any interest, feedback, signal boosting, and enthusiasm would be most welcome.

Thanks for your time!


Ugh, that art is so so good.

So, I hope you don’t mind questions, but I’m wondering what makes this game different from other, similar games that are PbtA? Particularly, the Sprawl comes to mind, but I’m pretty sure there are others.


Check out this wonderful article @jacob_I_guess:


Also, for a review of the core game, The Veil, a really great, and pretty thorough review of it came out recently:

And there is a FREE quickstart for Cascade on DrivethruRPG:


Though I’m not in the business of promoting Kickstarters–and while I should note that Fraser sent the Friends at the Table crew copies of The Veil to check out–I do wanna say that the base game here is dope as hell. I’ve only had a little bit of experience playing, but my group immediately leaned into some of its most distinguishing concepts.

This thread on The Veil over on Story Games is a really good dig into what separates it and makes it worth your time.

I can’t vouch for Cascade particularly, as I haven’t read the final book, but the ideas put forward in the free one shot are p dope!


Thanks very much Austin!


Oh man, those stretch goals all sound rad, especially the Quinn Murphy one.


I’m super excited about all of them and even have a couple more in the works!


As a result of this thread, I picked up the core game and after a cursory read, I’m really impressed with the way it uses the Apocalypse engine to reinforce the big ideas behind the themes/setting, especially the way it replaces physical stats with emotional states, a concept so cool I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it done somewhere else before now.


Thanks very much for the kind words and for picking up the game!!


We are in the final 38 hours or so for the Kickstarter. The supplement is as cheap as it will ever be through this campaign. Lots of cool final stretch goals as well!


Really excited to play it and The Veil. I found out about the Kickstarter from the Modifier podcast.


That was a really fun talk, though I was a bit rambly hah!