The Very Real Person Behind Twitter’s Surreal ‘Shitty Gamer Takes’ Account

One of the Twitter accounts that most frequently floats into my timeline is “Shitty Gamer Takes,” an account that says it’s “home to screenshots of Gamers Being Awful” and located in “the depths of gamer hell.” Gamer hell is accurate; this account is a place you go to rub your temples and contemplate whether this whole humanity thing is an experiment worth continuing. It’s where you can read takes—takes by real people with real opinions who typed them into real keyboards—like suggesting Untitled Goose Game being “a game catered for SJWs” and “where’s the straight flag when you need it or the just plain horny flag.”

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Related to the topic, I recommend the “Video Games are the Worst thing on Earth” ( podcast, where Dawnya was also on as a guest for a few episodes. They are mostly all about getting deep down the rabbit hole of reactionary gamer takes and the rest about actually discussing games.

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Thanks Patrick, this was a great interview.

I decided to check out Dawnya’s twitter, and I honestly don’t know why I was so surprised to see that there are people already giving them crap about the interview and the SGT account. The irony of the “prove you’re a Real Gamer” replies is just…you really can’t make this stuff up.

I know Dawnya has their personal twitter linked in the SGT bio, but I hope the publicity from this interview doesn’t subject them to a bunch of further harassment.

Shitty Gamers gotta be shitty, I guess