The Very Weird, Charming 'Donut County' Does A Lot With Very Little


It looks so simple. A collection of charming, colorful, low-poly 3D assets. A chill, positive soundtrack. A story about a hilariously greedy raccoon and a town of anthropomorphic animals. And a hole. One very important hole.

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And the trashopedia entries are very good


I’m so freaking happy that this game’s release is going well. Ever since the first reveal, this game has stuck in the back of my mind as a type of Katamari-lighthearted-puzzle game that was made by genuinely good people. Seeing their idea be stolen by an app developer really made me feel for the team and made me want the game to be even more successful. It deserves all of the praise headed its way.


The music is fantastic. Here is a link for you Spotify people.


It’s worth casting your mind back and remembering also that Donut County started out waay back in the day as Kachina:


Does the laughter and applause in that presentation feel as awkward and bad as I think it does? It feels a bit like the audience is congratulating Esposito for not appropriating Indigenous culture and faith and while he is explaining how not to do this, they are perhaps patting themselves on the back for, them the establishment, managing to not do that bad thing they’ve ended up doing multiple times before.


I feel like you’re maybe reading a bit much into it? it’s in the context of a gdc talk where it’s customary to applaud to thank someone for taking the time to make a presentation?


I was hoping to see an in piece about how this game turns out to be a commentary on late stage capitalism. I was truly blown away at the end when the themes presented themselves.