The Video Game Industry Has No Clue How to Respond to Protests

As protests against police brutality and anti-Black racism have arced across the United States, the video game industry has been slow to show its solidarity with Black people in the community. When they do, some of these statements are shy of showing an actual commitment to the cause.

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Don’t even get me started on the people who are Big Mad that the PlayStation 5 reveal is delayed.


I s*it on the opinions of corporations about this. What’s important is what the workers, independently of the suits, do.

I appreciate how the evaluation of the PR on this site, I was almost expecting a grade after each one.

But imo it’d be a worse and more insidious racism if ActiB wasn’t hypocritical and really did care more about this than HK, since it’s “in-house”.

I’ll believe The Brands when they commit to never developing or publishing another game where you play as a cop.


Imagine if E3 were still happening next week.

But yeah, even on smaller things, I can’t help but wonder how much sincerity is in even the better messages and bigger donations. Square Enix gave $250,000, alright, but it’s hard not to think about all the years of criticism they’ve had about colourism and whitewashing. Hell, the discourse around how they wrote and designed Barret Wallace in FF7R was just a few weeks ago. Will they actually take any of it to heart, or is this 100% PR?


Actiblizzes response is very funny given that uh, wows been running for like 16 years now and they’re only just adding black people to the game, lol


It’s part of the problem when Interactivity means “shoot a gun”, because the thing is that shooting a gun is hardly ever justified. The Brands will keep putting Cops as main characters as long as we players keep buying games where the protagonist is a “Good Guy with a Gun”.

But yeah, these Corporate statements are bullsh*t.


my favourite one is infinity ward’s statement. motherfuckers what do you think your games are about


I am so naive that for a few blissful seconds I seriously thought they were talking about the content they put into their game, not that of users.