The Viking Fantasies of 'Valhalla' Make for a Warlike Assassin's Creed

One of the quirks of the streamed gameplay session I had with Ubisoft for Assassin's Creed Valhalla wasn't that there was persistent lag, but wildly inconsistent amounts of it. I bring this up because Valhalla felt much more demanding about timing and spacing than either of its two predecessors, Origin and Odyssey. Throughout my entire demo I couldn’t quite figure out whether the combat is genuinely more difficult, or if I just couldn’t come to grips with the lag produced by a problem with my internet connection. Because it sure felt like the series has taken another step away from the button-mashing, rhythm-focused combat of the early games and toward something more akin to fighting games in terms of how it demands players get a feel for weapon distances, animation timings, and timed blocks and parries.

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If I were embroiled in a drinking and sex pest culture scandal, I would simply hastily pick a new vertical slice to demo my game. Yikes yikes yikes.


I’ve been playing as a lady High Elf in ESO and let me tell you, when one of the NPCs asked me if I could stick around after a quest for a drink, I just about hit the roof with ick factor.