The Voice Actors Strike Over, Ashly Burch Is Returning to 'Life is Strange'


Max Caulfield and Chloe Price will reunite for (possibly) the last time early next year, and it’ll be special for a couple of reasons. Notably, it marks the return of voice actress Ashly Burch, who will reprise her role as Chloe. Hannah Telle, the voice of Max, is also back, as part of a prequel episode set when Max and Chloe were very young.

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This news is so good it created two threads!


Both good and bad news! I wouldn’t want Chloe to be played by anyone other than Ashly Burch, but I also don’t want Life is Strange 2 to be about Max and Chloe at all. Their story has been told. Give someone else time travel powers.


It’s been announced before that LiS 2 won’t be about Chloe & Max. Very excited for the bonus episode, but I agree: closing their book is best.