The Voice of 'Halo' Says Trans Rights

A Halo fan asked Jeff Steitzer, the voice of Halo multiplayer, to say "trans rights" on Cameo. Before Steitzer did that, he had a few more words of encouragement for that fan, and trans people around the world.

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Do you know any specific date of release of Halo infinite?

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Microsoft is going to have a presentation as a part of Gamescom in a few weeks (I think), so if Halo: Infinite is going to make it this year, we’ll likely find out then.

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My money’s on November 15th. It would be the 20th anniversary of both Halo CE and the OG Xbox. Seems like a perfect opportunity to play up the Halo nostalgia.

Also, this is really cool! Love it when older folks can take their experience and leverage it to be on the side of social justice. Gives me a tiny bit of hope.