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I’m D Y I N G right now. It’s even raining outside, and I’m still nose drooling.

I’ve tried Claratin, Benedryl, and even nose spray and none seem to help. Hell, the nose spray made it worse. And my doctor won’t answer the phone! >:[

Anyone else suffering like me? Brothers and sisters, we can make it through this hellish transitional period from summer to fall if we just stick together and wait for everything in nature to die like God intended. I can’t wait till the landscape is a barren wasteland of dead trees and crunchy leaves.


Those trees ain’t dead, they’re just trying to lull you into a false sence of security!


The obvious solution:

Destroy all trees. It’s the only way to be safe. Ya’ll don’t want the Happening, do you?

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I’m more of a spring allergies person than a fall allergies person, but you have my sympathies. Weirdly, my dog does have fall allergies pretty bad, she breaks out in a rash every fall.

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Common dust allergy here, coming in to say you all know nothing of respiratory allergic reactions.

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I barely know what I’m allergic to anymore, maybe just everything, because if I skip taking antihistamines for a single day I will be nonfunctional for the next one (and half the days I’m still nonfunctional anyway)

especially fun now because my main symptoms are low grade sore throat and head-cold symptoms so every evening when I take my meds is a test of “ah will I feel better in half an hour or do I have COVID”


The smoke is here, and my entire respiratory system has filed one incredibly tiring, unending complaint. When fall allergies kick in, I don’t even know.

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