The Waypoint Redirect Rumble – Discussion Thread (We Have Our Winner!)

Hey, Waypointeers! Hope you’re enjoying this nice refreshing March air. There’s no better way to enjoy the first shoots of spring than a little friendly competition.

If there’s one thing folks know Waypoint for, it is, for better or worse, redirects. There’s more redirects than any of us know what to do with (we counted 77 active URLs going to Waypoint, the forums, and the Twitch page – that’s not even counting sub-redirects!). We’ve all got our favourites, but which one do we all agree is the best?

That’s what we’re here to find out – a single-elimination bracket tournament of the Waypoint redirects to determine what people like the most!

We at the mod team are doing this for the goofs, but also because some of these are super specific references. We’d love to see people dig into why these exist, find the video that inspired them, or share why they purchased that URL. We want this to be about the site, sure, but the redirects were a community-led initiative – you deserve the spotlight too.

In order to vote, please see the below Contents section below. In this thread, we’re keen to hear who you think will rise to the top and are prepared to offer the most prestigious award of all – bragging rights.


The structure of the competition is thus: there will be a set of 1-on-1 matches, in each the winner of each goes to the next round. We will have 72-hour polls for Rounds 1 through 5, with 48-hour polls for Rounds 6 and 7. There will be a bronze-medal match in the final round, just so we can have a top three.

As you can see by the bracket, Round 1 is a little shorter than Round 2. Given our odd number of redirects (77), the first round has a lot of byes. Think of it as a qualifying round.

We’ll be launching a new thread for each round and bumping this thread – keep your eyes peeled!

If you have any questions, let us know in the discussion thread.

We look forward to seeing your votes. Pick the funniest, pick your favourite, pick the one you use the most. Let’s have some fun.






7 Likes has done somethign to me


gimme those queries and IDs babey the longer the $_GETer !!!





The voting is currently not looking good for one of my favourite Waypoint redirects, so I’m gonna drop a little history lesson on If you’re not familiar with Goatse, erm, you’re better off not knowing.

If you are, this URL comes from two Waypoint items. The first is Episode 71: Wrath of the Goatse, which features a prominent discussion about the promotional art of the game Tormenter x Punisher. It was followed up later with an article investigating whether or not the promotional art for the game was a deliberate reference to the infamous internet image.

Mr. Turner, I’ve just been paid to write about I’m proud and ashamed.

Please don’t tell my daughter about this.

I love this URL’s history, y’all.

(P.S. Episode 71 is definitely up there in my Waypoint Radio pantheon.)

4 Likes is the only url i have ever used to get to this forum so i know what im voting for


sad robots dot club deserved better god dammit!!!


alright I’m really going to need some explanations for some of these obscure redirects lol…

Also, some of these redirects are perfect and I’m mad at myself for not using them (read: filling up public computers’ search histories with them) more.

looking at you and


I had never seen before this and it’s honestly incredible

5 Likes comes from the Snake Pass video. Danielle and Danika had me instantly had me stitches from the moment they came up with Dr. McBoner.

@WeedLordVegeta That is a good one! Every time I hear the podcast outro, I feel the urge to buy and either redirect it or set it up as a contact form that forwards submissions to the Waypoint email.

6 Likes needs to win this whole tournament


if anyone explains any of these redirects to me i will hack this website and ban them


disappointed to not see crowd favorite in the running this season


I’m pretty sure it’s considered a crime to ever vote against


This. Is. Pretty.Great.

1 Like gets me and I think it’s because instead of .com its /com its too good


This. Is. Pretty.Great.