The Waypoint Redirect Rumble – Discussion Thread (We Have Our Winner!)


Oof. There are genuinely difficult decisions that will need to be made between practical, effective URLs and those that are more artful. How will I decide when and inevitably meet in the finals?


When they read out loud on the podcast, I laughed super loud in the office and my coworker thought I was choking on something because of my attempts to stop laughing in public. It’s no but this is my dark horse.

#23 has to win this whole thing. The fiction demands it.


i can explain the 2 URLs i bought. is something i bought because around the release of sun and moon a lot of people were being very mean to popplio but when asked about popplio everyone on the podcast was pro popplio or thought popplio was cute. since popplio was my starter in moon i was super happy not everyone hated them.

thus .moe because popplio is cute…

and is in reference to one of the E3 podcasts from 2017 where Austin and Patrick somehow stumbled into trying to remember the name to the terrible adam sandler movie “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” and Austin said “Don’t Mess With the Gohan”

it’s .club because… that was the cheapest url they were offering lol


That’s one of mine. I don’t think any of mine need too much explanation (most aren’t even specific references), but in case this one does: in the early episodes of Waypoint Radio Austin was becoming increasingly self-conscious about and dissatisfied with his Facebook URL being austinwalkergames. People had been buying all these silly URLs, and I thought it would be fun to prod this insecurity of his. You know, like a bully. Anyway, I was browsing the available TLDs, and .games was just too perfect. As I went through the process of buying it and setting it up, I kept saying it over and over to myself in my head, cracking myself up more than I’d like to admit. At first I was just tickled by the repetition of it (which I later expanded on with the… variant), but then I became a bit obsessed with the rhythm of it; the prosody. As I thought about it more, it felt like I could throw more at it, and that’s how came about. It’s really intended to be read out loud; it’s meant to have a slightly relentless, confused quality to it – hence the /com, and vice.waypoint being the opposite way around to how it is in the real original URL (a detail that probably matters to no-one but me).

That’s my pretentious account of the history of the absurd URL I bought, and the thinking behind it.


I went into this knowing…etc was going to be my fave as it has brought me such delight in the past, but has lifted my soul anew. What a simple gesture and yet so profound.


For the sake of accuracy it must be stated that I have reclaimed and the official waypoint redirect is it remains my greatest shame and I apologise for wasting everybody’s time. Do not buy redirects drunk.


Good news, everyone! Voting has now closed for Round 1. You can view the polls over in the Round #1 thread.

The winners are:

Voting for Round 2 will open in approximately six hours.

Thirty-two polls… I’m suffering…


a bunch of heavy hitters gone immediately

this is a bloodbath

pinned globally #31

This is a sham. is the rightful heir to the throne and no so called “vote” is going to change that. I demand a recount and a new, less good opponent.


A little sad to see the classic go, but at least it it lost to a worthy opponent. is going straight to the top!

unpinned #34

For those of you just checking this thread out, Round #2 is now live! This is going to be our biggest round, so there’s never been a better time to start redirect rumbling than now.


I forgot completely about and how much that just tickles me

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choosing between and is probably the hardest choice i’ve had to make this year


It’s a good thing we made the polls public so I can take notes about which way people go on the Skeleton-Goblin axis. Just for, you know, future records.

This could not be in less seriousness.


Lets go Boat Jazz! Show Two And A Half Men wwho’s bosssQ!!!

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not all skeletons are goblins, but all goblins have skeletons

change my mind


How goes keep ending up in dead heat races? Why is this the fate of such a good URL?