The Webcomics thread, for talking about Comics on the Web


Love 'em, hate 'em, indifferent to 'em, they are varied and numerous and like all things are both good and bad.

There are good webcomics, like KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS

And there are no-good, terrible, trash webcomics like Least I Could Do

Talk about both good and bad webcomics here, but please properly attribute and link all comics that you post


God, I used to like Least I Could Do. I think about that and still feel ashamed.


Do you think it’ll kill this thread if I just say the word Homestuck?


I’ll up the ante and say Homestuck isn’t a comic, and should be classified as a visual novel.

Homestuck is not merely a webcomic, it is The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion of the Internet.

It is a dirty, gross, messy, transcendent, and beautiful thing that you should check out if you have any interest in it

Or not, whatever, it’s not my business to tell you what to do


I’ve pretty much always really loved Questionable Content, I binge read it to catch up 4-5 years ago and haven’t looked back. Reading the new strip is still one of the most delightful parts of my week days.

URL for those interested:


I’m currently very into Sakana by Mad Rupert. It’s about a group of good, goood fish boys at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.


My absolute favorite webcomic right now is definitely Cucumber Quest

It’s just very good and very pretty and very funny and it’s take on your Typical Legendary Heroic Quest is one thats pulled at my heart just, so so much, im so worried about these kids, about basically every single character, and if anything bad happened to anyone i think i would die???

RE: Homestuck, i dont think i’ll ever, forget, my time with homestuck, RIP MSPA Forums lmao.


I used to read a handful, but I’ve narrowed them over time to just a few:

  • Oglaf, a very much not safe for work comedy fantasy webcomic.
  • Awkward Zombie, a videogame-themed comedy webcomic
  • Gunnerkrigg Court, a fantasy/sci fi story with some very interesting characters. The art improves a lot over time and there’s a very big backlog to read through for new readers.

[bursts in out of breath] CUCUMBER QUEST


Is this where I wistfully talk about Achewood as I get misty eyed with a thousand yard stare


I binged Strong Female Protagonist a few weekends ago and really loved it.


My webcomic RSS feed is like 100+ deep. I feel like I’m drowning some days. Been digging a lot of Vattu, but then again I’ve always been a giant sucker for Evan Dahm.


Homestuck, looking back on it several years after the fact, felt more like a religious revival than a piece of media. Lord knows I got into it.

Seconding K6BD and Sakana

You should read everything Evan Dahm has ever touched

Stand Still Stay Silent is incredible and updates with the fury of a mad god

the most obscure one I try to advocate for is Eth’s Skin


My actual answers right now are KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS which is absolutely my fave and also Band vs Band which is so good and cute and gay. Also shout out to Anime Club, gone but not forgotten. They died doing what they loved, probably.

Achewood is a goddamn treasure and I can quote most of the strips and alt-text by heart.


I’m just going to leave a bunch of the ones I like here

Paranatural might actually be the funniest comic I’ve read in my life and is screamingly charming at all times, with some wonderfully ambitious panel arrangements

Never Satisfied is a really entertaining and grounded fantasy about a bunch of kids competing to win a role as a government mage. Lots of delicious drama, a great ensemble cast, one of the (the?) main chars is enby

Goodbye to Halos is fairly new & is a very promising slice of life / fantasy comic about a magic trans girl

Supernormal Step is a fantasy-superhero-??? story that’s really clever, super well drawn, the protag is aroace

Gunnerkrigg Court is a super clever ‘sci-fantasy school life’ comic that is consistently charming and wildly creative

Erfworld is probably the nerdiest comic in existence and is a masterclass in worldbuilding


Questionable Content is the only one I’m reading. I used to read 'em more but I’m really bad at keeping up with things and lost track of a bunch. :frowning:


I still check for updates every single goddamn day


I would like to say it is still important to go back and read Gun Show by KC Green, both as a wonderful treasure by itself and also as the source of the “this is fine” meme