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I submit for your consideration



I doubt anyone actually remembers Microsoft Comic Chat


Achewood, Gun Show, and Penny Arcade are my go-tos, either though 2 of those are over.

I also read PVP, OJST, Awkward Zombie, The Last Halloween/JSPH, and a bunch of others that are over/on hiatus forever.


You know what’s a just godawful webcomic?

Moon Over June (often NSFW, but also not hosted anywhere anymore that I can find)


For webcomics I’ve been following, I like Cucumber Quest, Paranatural, Goodbye to Halos, and Dropout a lot.

I also really like Lamezone/Crow Cillers but I’ve fallen off for a while.


Gunnerkrigg Court is a classic- real creative and high quality. It’s my easiest recommend.

I’m also a big fan of Poppy O’Possum- a fantasy webcomic about an aging mother trying to get by in a world where her kind faces harsh discrimination and prejudice.

My favourite webcomic is Endtown, a post-apocalyptic story about a world where mutants live underground to hide from genocidal top-siders. It fluctuates between Looney Tunes-esque zaniness and bleak horror which makes it hit or miss for readers.


Menage a 3, or Anime Archie, or Archime, is a French-Canadian family of webcomics that is sometimes NSFW and is usually very sex-positive.

I think it kinda went downhill once Gary got laid but this Wrestling arc it is going through is quite good sometimes.


I read Cucumber Quest, Paranatural, Goodbye to Halos, and probably some others I forgot to mention. I’m workin on starting my own webcomic too


I did my own webcomic back in the day, but it wasn’t very good. Learned a bunch from it, which I guess is a positive. I’ve wanted to make a new one (or revive my old one and do it better) but I’ve been trying to find how some of these people draw their own. I’m more experienced in Premiere / After Effects than photoshop so even CONSIDERING going back into webcomics seems daunting.


Q2Q Webcomic about Tech theater

JL8 Webcomic about the justice League as Kids

then a few Nsfw ones


A Ghost Story is really good. Mostly black and white but great use of color when it counts.


One Punch Man is a fantastic Japanese Webcomic


How does Ctrl Alt Del still exist?


I forgot that LICD and Moon Over June existed until I clicked on this thread, and now I have to ask how dare you???


All webcomics are welcome here

Good and bad

Everyone has a seat at the table


Absolute adore Octopus Pie! My favourite slice of life thing. I need to catch up on it, but Their Story is very sweet.


8 Bit Theatre is a finished webcomic that I really like. It’s a loose retelling of the first Final Fantasy with a very dark sense of humour.

Order of the Stick starts as a series of DnD jokes but quickly develops in to an epic quest to save. You don’t need to know DnD to follow the story. I know, because I’ve never played it.

Cucumber Quest is a fun, beautiful comic that pokes fun at video game and fantasy tropes while telling a heart-warming tale of its own.

Gunnerkrigg Court tells the story of the technological Court, the fantastic Gillitie Wood and the girl who bridges the two.

Dumbing of Age stars Joyce Brown, an 18 year old Christian going to college and the different people and ideas she encounters.


A Ghost Story is so good, as are Cucumber Quest and Paranatural.

I have to mention Star Trip, Witchy, and the Patreon only for now Coquette Dragoon as super good too though.


Cucumber Quest, Paranatural, and Kill Six Billion Demons are my current must-reads.
Honestly there are so many good comics to read presently but they are the ones I always look forward to each week.


Balderdash has one of my favorite aesthetics in all of webcoms and I wish it updated a bit more often