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also speaking of aesthetically gorgeous webcoms rip Judecca


I think I’m still gonna follow the old house rules while I’m here.

Links and excerpts only.
No intentionally bad comics.

These lovely forums should stay DBD-free.


Oh gosh I read so many webcomics. Here’s some of my faves right now:

  • I’ve been following Unsounded for about a year now. It’s a gorgeous fantasy comic about a girl with a lion tail and her undead friend.
  • I’ve also been reading Cassiopeia Quinn and really, really digging it. She’s a space-faring thief with a heart of gold in a galaxy full of danger and cute aliens.
  • O Human Star is wonderful and tragic.
  • KC Green’s He Is A Good Boy is a comic about an acorn in the throws of arrested development. It is a KC Green comic through-and-through.
  • Similarly, BACK is a collaboration between Anthony Clark and KC Green. It’s a story about a very strong girl who was resurrected by witches to end the world and the priest who is trying to stop her from doing that. It’s hilarious, weird, and supremely binge-able.

These are just a few. I legit have 30+ bookmarks for webcomics in my browser.


I read Questionable Content.

I first found out about it on 4chan when the chapter the transgender character and the main character had sex for the first time was parodied in /b/. I went to see what the comic was all about, because she was super cute, and I still keep up with it today. I wish the comic focused more on those two characters, because I really don’t care much for the rest of the cast.


Have you tried using a RSS reader like Feedly:

(my reading list via feedly)

It helps if you have a lot of separate webcomic sites that you visit, especially since it will tell you how many new unread comics you have, and you can sync it so that it keeps track between phone browsing and at-home browsing. I also use it for tracking a ton of other web content.


absoLUTELY gonna plug goodbye to halos here:

but also


Also Valerie, the creator, is an excellent follow on twitter


I have not, but this looks very useful. Thanks!


Not even gonna lie, QC was a garbage comic to me until Claire came along (incidentally during a time span where I was having some deep soul searching re: gender identity) and now I love it

Not necessarily just because of Claire, but more that I think the writing and art made a huge leap in quality around that time


Magnolia Porter’s Monster Pulse blows me away with its tight story construction, well-realized young and old characters, and beautifully unsteady lineart.


Yeah, I tried to read some earlier stuff, and it was so bad. Claire and her brother made me read it. I’m glad 4chan introduced me to it (although I wish it was under better circumstances)


Gunnerkrigg Court is really good. Slow-paced, sprawling, and the art starts out rough, but at this point it’s…a web comic institution?? Memorable characters, and the twists and turns still have me shaking my fist at the monitor on a regular basis.

minus, though. That comic made me cry. The author’s website went down some time this year, but you should be able to find the whole run of that comic via the provided link


I’ve read QC for a long time and I enjoy it a lot. It’s fluff, but it’s entertaining fluff. And honestly I like most of the characters, outside of maybe pintsize who has outlived his use as the wacky gag character. And I think the stuff he’s done with Claire being trans has been really tasteful.

As someone who has OCD having a character like Hanners that I could relate to when I first started having panic attacks helped a lot. I still have a sketch of her that Jeph drew for me at a con next to my computer desk.

Also the latest strip makes me wonder what the hell is gonna happen next


Prague Race is good, even if Petra hates it and is trying to rush the end as soon as possible. Way more lighthearted in the recent chapters and Pretty Gay.

The Meek has also always been a big favorite of mine, and Mare Internum, which Shing also does, is pretty fuckin good too.


I basically came into this thread to gush about Their Story.

It is ridiculously cute.


Kill Six Billion Demons is godlike.


Is this the spot for this gem?


I’ve got hardcopies of Rice Boy and Order of Tales and they are SO good. He’s up there with achewood as far as I’m concerned.

Also I uh… still read Questionable Content since I’ve been reading it pretty much since it began. It became a guilty pleasure after a while but I feel like I just enjoy keeping up with it these days.


Big Ol List of the Good Webcomics that haven’t been mentioned here (cause do we need more people gushing about Cucumber Quest? I mean, Yes, but I’m not gonna be the one to do it).

  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things - Weekly - Gag comic about, you guessed it, machismo in video games. Way, way, way better than that sounds.
  • Awkward Zombie - Weekly - Katie Tiedrich might be a genuine rocket scientist now, but she still keeps this gag video game comic going.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent - Monday to Friday - An absolutely gorgeous comic about the post-apocalyptic world where the only place to survive is Scandinavia.
  • Rock and Riot - Monday & Friday - The comic that dares to ask the question: “what if greasers from the 50s were, like, really cute and gay?”
  • My Giant Nerd Boyfriend - Monday, Wednesday, & Friday - A relatively new Malaysian auto-biographical gag comic about the diminutive authour, fishball, and her (relatively) giant boyfriend. Simple, but adorable.
  • Kiwi Blitz - Weekly - AKA the first of the Mary Cagle Power Trio. Mary AKA Cube Watermelon believes in two things: 1) mouths should be huge and cute when open & 2) even if her comics are based off of anime genres, they are still grounded in some sort of reality. Kiwi Blitz is her superhero slash robot anime comic that doesn’t shy away from the dangers of being a teen superhero.
  • Sleepless Domain - Tuesday & Thursday - Part Two of the Mary Cagle Power Trio. Do you like Magical Girls? Do you like the idea of Madoka Magica-style breakdown of the genre, but think it went a little too dark? Well, that’s really specific, but you are absolutely the audience for Sleepless Domain. But even if you don’t know your Sailors from your Moons, still give it a shot, at least until around Chapter 4.
  • Let’s Speak English - Completed - The Final of the Mary Cagle Power Trio. A traditional 4koma style gag comic about Mary’s time teaching English in Japan. Funny, cute, and even educational.
  • Trial of the Sun - Wednesday & Friday - A coming of age story about Eliano, a trans male human who must face the Trial of the Sun in a fantasy world of gods, magic, elves, and intolerance.
  • Check, Please - Sporadic - Eric Bittle is a figure skater turned university hockey player that has to adjust to his new life at university, being a modern southern belle on a team in one of the bro-iest sports around, and being true to himself after leaving the South.
  • Solstoria - Weekly? - Samantha Russell leaves her home on the farm to become a knight in hopes of finding out what happened to her brother, a promising young alchemist who has goes missing.
  • Always Human - Weekly - In the far off future when everything from changing our appearance to treating a cold is a few taps on an app away (nanomachines, son), how does it affect those whose body rejects this technology? And how do the troubles that follow affect a budding relationship?

Anyway, that’s what I got for now.


Other than those already mentioned, like Cucumber Quest and Paranatural, here are some good comics that I read:
Harpy Gee is a cute good comic about a young elf adventurer trying to live in a human town and getting in trouble.
StarHammer is about a Teen who accidentally gains the weapon and powers of a disgraced, retired superhero and reluctantly starts training as a superhero.
BACK is about a mysterious woman who’s brought back from the dead(?) by a coven of witches and sent to destroy the world. It’s by KC Green (of the Gunshow fame) and Anthony Clark (of Nedroid fame), and is as goofy as those two names would imply.


Alright, 24 hour posting limit is up. Kinda weird it’s there but this is virgin soil here so whatever.

Widdershins is a good webcomic that takes place in some sort of magical-alternate England

Gonna mirror Band vs Band from further up the page, a really colorful and super-gay comic about some competing local bands whose frontladies have some rather obvious sexual tension

I’m probably only going to post full pages of comics when I am introducing a new comic, for recent updates I’ll probably crop or inline the creator’s Twitter if these forums support that.