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I am so stressed for everyone in that comic right now. I find every character in it interesting and/or likable- even Rjinder (completely on the “interesting” side of things), so I keep worrying someone’s gonna die violently in this arc or something like that.


Huh, is Starhammer by the same person who does A Better World and did Demon’s Mirror? I love both those comics but have never heard of Starhammer.


The comic’s done such a good job of setting up these slightly at-odds struggles for all the characters! It definitely doesn’t feel like there’s going to be a clean resolution to this current arc.

Desmond & Guuzy :sob:


Homestuck was the big one but besides it I used to read Ava’s Demon and a bit of J.N. Wiendle’s Helvetica but lost interest in both. Only ones I read now are Gigi D.G.'s Cucumber Quest and Eric Lide’s Ozzie the Vampire which are both pretty alright though my interest in CQ has definitely dropped post-Rosemaster but its still alright.


I was reading Homestuck for a good long while. I love that comic’s style and tone-- it’s lore and humour-- I just wish it was in a better package. I’m hoping the Homestuck adventure game delivers on that.

Speaking of Homestuck like, it’s been over a year since an update on PREQUEL. It’s a joke now but for a long time it was my favourite webcomic. I’d be okay if it never updated again but it had many moments of brilliance-- both comedic and otherwise.


I love most of the a lot of people have mentioned already. QC, Prague Race Kill Six Billion Demons, Cucumber Quest and Oglaf are all on my regular reading rotation. Here are some other great ones:

  1. Run Freak Run: Completed. A fascinating comic set in 16th century Spain following a nun monster hunter who works for the Spanish Inquisition. To say anything else would be a spoiler but if you like dark fairytales and the gothic as a genre this is definitely for you.

  2. Darth and Droids: Ongoing What if Star Wars as a movie had never come out and instead was told through the lense of a tabletop roleplaying game played over long years of time? That’s what Darth and Droids asks and the answer turns out to be pretty moving, insightful and most of all funny.

  3. Digger: Completed A classic webcomic and with good reason. Digger is a great fantasy epic about a wombat who digs herself into a strange fantastical land and her jorney back home (at least that’s how it starts things get more complicated along the way). She meets god’s, hyenas and cute demon children all of them feel very real and “human” even though they are fantastical in nature.

  4. The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal: Completed A road trip story with two great gay leads TJ and Amal. This one is deeply interested in the characters and their interaction rather than any sort of fantastical world building or any big scale world shaking ideas. It’s small stakes story takes makes you care deeply about those stakes. It’s also engages deeply with all the complicated and messy things in all of our lives while still retaining a very specific context for it’s storytelling.


No, I think they just have similar art styles.


I looked it up after I posted that and the person who does penciling and inking on Starhammer is the person behind A Better Place and Demon’s Mirror.


Gotta plug my Michigan artists:

Crown of Fire a high fantasy action adventure. He’s on hiatus right now so show him some support if you like his work.

and Carolyn C Nowak doesn’t do webcomics but has comics on the web you can read.


I do love those comics of the web. Other that Paranatural and Cucumber Quest, which other folks have already covered, I’m gonna list some of my favourites:

Peritale: a fantasy comic about a magic-less fairy trying to complete her first fairytale. The art is charming and the humour is topnotch, with a story that ha a lot of potential to go really interesting places.

Demon Street: a comic about kids in a strange world full of monsters and magic. The writing is wonderful, the setting is fascinating and the art in the most recent chapters has been out of this world.

Monsterkind: a fantasy realism (is that a genre??) story of a social worker who is transferred out of his mostly human district to one largely populated by monsters. It’s got a cast of colourful characters and an intriguing mystery at the heart of it.

Sakana: a slice of life comedy focused on the staff of a stall in a Japanese fish market. It’s one of the funniest comics I’ve read! There’s a good cat in it.

Jailbird: a comic about birds, cursed capes, a mysterious postcard, plant magic, and more birds! It’s a cute story that’s got one of the most adorable art styles I’ve ever seen, definitely worth a read.

Snarlbear: the story of a young woman who escapes her boring everyday life through a portal to a sinister rainbow world, where she becomes a professional monster puncher. It just finished earlier this year actually, so now’s the perfect time to read the whole thing.

Slightly Damned: this one gets a special mention as one of the first webcomics I ever read. It’s about angels and demons and escaping from hell with your friends, and it’s been going for yeeeears now. While maybe not the best of the comics I read, it still holds a special place in my heart.

Big Crystals: just a young webcomic, merely a babe, but I feel like it’s got a lot of potential. It’s about crystals and crystal mysteries, check it out.

Boozle: a humorous fantasy comic about a wizard who cries a lot and his cyclops friend going on a quest for Macguffins. It’s very good.

Okay that’s it, but that’s not even all of them. Turns out I read a lot more webcomics than I thought I did. Huh.


Questionable Content is the best. I have all the books even though the size difference between books 1-3 are different than 4 and 5 and soon to be 6. I love the art and the comic is a great mix of sweet and silly


I like XKCD a whole bunch: its brief comics, often on science-related topics (which resonates with me as a Physics student), gives me a tiny dose of that buzz you get talking to a friend that’s significantly smarter than you but also keeps you up to speed.


My favorite title to bring up during these discussions is the very unknown (but shouldn’t be!) Bonne Fête Job Dog by Alexander Swenson. It’s the story of a 9-5 office worker dog and his birthday. Lots of stuff about remembering your father after he’s gone, callous friends who do mean it when they eventually apologize, and dreams about space travel.

It is, by far, the best webcomic I know when it comes to experimenting with panel borders and flow. It’s gorgeous. It’s done, at 106 pages in total, so it really doesn’t take you that long to read. A small time investment for something so lovely and unforgettable.




Black Twitter: The Shounen Battle Manga! I need more of this in my life. Can’t wait for more of this.

Goth Western

I don’t even know what to say about this comic, other than that it’s pretty great, name says it all really.


Steven Universe vibes…in the best, most original way. Easily one of the best transformation sequences I’ve ever seen.


It’s new, there’s not much of it. And my expectations are unjustifiably high already.


thats the good stuff mwah :ok_hand:


Actually I feel like I don’t have much to add since most of the good stuff has already been thoroughly catalogued here, but i suppose i can plug my own webcomic Witchtrade :stuck_out_tongue:


Added to my “to read” folder. :+1:t5:


my reaction to this comic:


Bummed that Cat and Girl hasn’t been mentioned already, it is something else.