The Wide / Relatively Niche World of Tabletop Wargaming


Hey Waypointers,

I’m new to the board and I was wondering whether there are many other tabletop / wargame players present. I thought this might be a good place to discuss the various miniatures-based titles we enjoy, the forces we bring to the table and maybe even post some pictures of models / scenery / gaming setups / what have you.

I for one am a big Warhammer guy – I play Orks in Warhammer 40,000 and Skaven in Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar (and I’ve started working on some Ogres as well…). My friends and I are really digging these games’ most recent editions – they feel a lot less ponderous than some of their earlier incarnations.

I’ve found that a lot of people seem to be getting into the hobby or jumping back in after a lengthy hiatus – Vermintide and Total War: Warhammer seem to have brought a lot of visibility to the Games Workshop stuff in particular while X-Wing and Star Wars: Legion seem to be picking up a ton of steam as well.

Where do you all land on the subject?


My chit days are mostly behind me because of life changes, but I still consider myself a wargamer.

Never much of a minis guy, though - never had the patience to paint models. Love reading about Warhammer, but I’ve only played it a handful of times.


I just can’t make the commitment to the lifestyle of a wargame. I like the mechanics of X-Wing, and I have a real soft spot for the Warhammer 40k lore, but I stick to self-contained board game experiences. That said, I am very excited for all the WH40k board games coming this year thanks to the GW split with FFG and new partnership with Wizkids. Already picked up Gretchinz! and that was some goofy fun.


what are these other 40k board games you speak of? i’m taking a look at gretchinz now.


I’m more of a hex-and-counter wargamer guy (my current project is learning ASL and Unconditional Surrender), but as far as miniatures go, I’ve always been interested in Mobile Frame Zero – those little lego mechs are so cute!


So the new ones coming out on my watchlist are Heroes of Black Reach, a WH40k Dice Masters set, and Space Marine Adventures.

Heroes of Black Reach is a WH40k reskin of Heroes of Normandie. It’s a grid-based tactics game that is made for wargamers that don’t care about miniatures. The base set is going to be Ultramarines vs. Orks, but if the game does well we’ll hopefully see more factions in the future.

Dice Masters is a CCG-like game which started with Avengers vs. X-Men but has expanded into lots of different universes like D&D and TMNT. Announced for this Summer is a WH40K base set with Ultramarine and Death Guard factions included, and two expansions for Orks and Space Wolves.

Not much is known about Space Marine Adventures: Labyrinth of the Necrons, but it seems like a Space Hulk-lite dungeon crawl experience that’s fully cooperative.

Fantasy Flight Games made a few board games that are out of print and I’m fortunate enough to own. Relic is a WH40k reskin of Talisman. Death Angel is a fully cooperative card-based abstraction of Space Hulk that I enjoy a lot. Forbidden Stars is my all time favorite Dudes On a Map game. It shows the WH40k universe at a scale that you don’t get from any of the minis games which is pretty special, but I only get to play it once or twice a year since a single game takes 3-4 hours and is not easy to teach. I really hope these are able to get reprinted under Wizkids, but there’s no guarantee.


I can feel it more than ever. I’m going to get back into Warhammer/W40K.

I learned this week that Games Workshop brought back Necromunda as well! I mean… YES!