The Wildest Ride in 'Parkitect' is Predatory Lending


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This was a great read, if a bit too real. This quote in particular really got to me

When I see auto payments come out of my account each month, it always makes me reexamine the related things and experiences attached to those loans. Should I have transferred to a different University once I got into computer science instead of music? Should I have gotten the cheaper car, or replaced the engine on my old one? (I’m gonna say I’m glad I didn’t do that last thing) My reflections change as the months go by, but reflection is a constant.

As for the game, I havent played Parkitecht in about a year, but seeing how the campaign has come to be and the management side of the systems evolve, I’m excited to hop back in. As someone who always leans heavily into the management when I play park management games this delights me. I love the cute campaign map, I love how store inventory has to be delivered to the store, the loan system sounds wonderful too. Planet Coaster and even the later Tycoon games didn’t really do as much for me. As nice as all the extensive customization is in those games, the campaigns and management just never felt satisfying as it did in Rollercoaster Tycoon 1. To see that Parkitecht has a deeper management layer is really exciting!


This article makes me wonder what the author thinks of Offworld Trading Company.