The Will of the Crowd Is Wrestling's Video Game Controller


Why pro wrestling took over our culture, and why we play along.

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Is weekly content about TV shows really a good fit for Waypoint? I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’m glad Waypoint hasn’t fallen into the classic gaming website pattern of covering comic book movies and Game of Thrones, and to me this feels like a step in that direction.


the difference is i think a bigtime site’s coverage of game of thrones is done primarily to get more clicks and i don’t think like ign is gonna come up with meaningful critique of analysis of spiderman, on the other hand Ian is smart as fuck and his stuff is always interesting to read so i’m glad he’s out there.


also unlike game of thrones, wrestling is good


I agree, wrestling is good. But have we also considered that it is also bad?


common mistake to make: WWE is bad but the immortal science of wrestling is very good