The Witcher Series and Noclip!


If you haven’t been keeping up with Noclip, journalist Danny O’Dwyer left Gamespot in 2016 and started a Patreon to create in-depth documentaries on games, especially those with interesting development stories. He’s turned out some great stuff, like the story from inside Square of how Final Fantasy XIV was completely scrapped and remade in a small amount of time, to massive success. There’s also a lot of videos about DOOM. Maybe too many videos about DOOM.

Anyway, I wanted to make a post to highlight the recent Witcher video series. This playlist contains six 30-minute-ish videos focusing on different aspects of CD PROJEKT RED as a company and each Witcher game, with the main focus being Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Wild Hunt was the first ‘Western’ RPG I have played that I didn’t bounce off of, so I’m PRETTY fond of it but even if I wasn’t, I think these videos are a vital watch for anyone interested in game development in any way. Especially people who like to make armchair presumptions about development, hehehe. I think this is the best documentary about game making since Double Fine Adventure.

From the origins of CDPR as a company in Poland, a country where piracy was THE way you got games, to the Witcher 3 composer revealing that all of the music was made in jam sessions because the hired band couldn’t read sheet music, every minute completely fascinating. I think this subject and these open, passionate and hilarious interviewees make for the best documentary Noclip has turned out yet.

OK, that’s enough raving from me about this thing. Please watch it! Also, since this IS a forum, which game/series/company/moment would you like to see Danny O’Dwyer cover?


Would love to have a series about 4A games (Metro 2033 series developers). They never gave a lot of detail but back when the Ukraine/Crimea crisis was at its peak the dev team left Kiev due to increasing civil unrest and the inability to obtain foreign investment. They openly said they felt like they were betraying/abandoning their country in its time of need, and it was really upsetting to hear about.

They’ve since relocated to Malta and are hard at work on Metro: Exodus, and I can’t imagine how hard of a road it’s been for them. Making games at such a high quality/fidelity with a relatively small team compared to many AAA studios must be difficult enough with everything else not even taken into account.


I love what Danny is doing, marvelous work. I was in since his The Point series and Noclip is just as great!

What I would love to see?
hmmmmm… :thinking:

I guess, Hello Games/No Man’s Sky. Yeah, that would be interesting.


Been planning on watching this stuff from the beginning but with now with CD Projekt Red I finally did. (Two episodes so far.) It’s so well made, a joy to watch. Now if he could just stop wearing his socks that way with shorts and I’ll have no complaints. Gonna watch all the old stuff too for sure. Haven’t played FF14 but interested to hear about it.

It’d be nice to learn more about games I love like maybe the making of Deus Ex or No One Lives Forever, or to learn more about what’s going with Arkane and their games. But at the same time I sort of don’t really care specifically what it is about as long as I get to hear from developers talking openly and honest about all the aspects of development. That is so rare for some reason.


Shit. Yes, definitely No Man’s Sky. Shitttt.

I wanna watch this Witcher stuff, but I haven’t played the game yet, so I probably lack the context to appreciate it to its fullest.

To that point, his 3-part special about Final Fantasy XIV is AMAZING. I’ve never played that game, nor do I intend to, but it’s a fascinating story and he does a great job of using his interviews and narration to create compelling human drama. Highly recommend all of his stuff.


I was going to try and say that you could still enjoy these, but I think the real problem would be that some of the later videos have spoilers for Witcher 3 quests. If you don’t intend to play the game, I’d still give them a watch. Most of the interesting stuff would still be as interesting as it was to me as long as you’ve played an open-world game and played a game that was made in another country. Most of the really fascinating stuff was pretty general.