The Witcher TV Show Discussion!

The Witcher has finally dropped on Netflix! 8 Episodes.

I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but wow I am impressed! I was worried that it would come off more like an ABC fantasy show rather than the high-production value kind of show like Game of Thrones, and while it doesn’t have THAT kind of budget yet, it definitely looks good.

Not only that, but it SOUNDS FANTASTIC. The music choices here are carrying a lot of the drama and the show for me. I am gonna need this soundtrack ASAP.

Episode 1: Spoilers:

It sounds funny, but I didn’t realize they were doing the Butcher of Blaviken story until the very end when Geralt starts wrecking folks. I kept thinking… Why does that town name sound familiar? And then the street fight happened. And dang, these people got MESSED up. The fight choreography here is really top notch, and I found myself quite squeamish of the gore.

Ciri’s story was neat. It felt very classical in terms of fantasy tropes, but like stated before the music really carries it for me emotionally. A falling kingdom, a girl with promised potential, magicians and brave knights whisking her away as the city crumbles under siege… I didn’t realize how in the mood I was for that kind of story until I started seeing it. I’m interested to see where it goes, because the only Witcher story I’ve read so far involving Ciri is I believe the one with her mother at the royal party? It has been a minute since I read it.

Having only read the first book years ago, I am surprised how much I remember from the novel though. I was like, “Oh yeah, there’s that scumbag wizard in his tower.” I hope retouch on him in a later episode.

What did you all think?


Only on episode 2 but I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve read the books so I kinda know what to expect but like you said GoldenJoel, the music and ambiance of the series has been surprisingly good! Not entirely convinced by the cast yet, but at the very least I’ll give it 3-4 episodes before I make a more formative opinion.

Will update my post when I’ve watched a bit more!


Cavill is doing a very good video game Geralt, but book Geralt is more talkative and annoying lol

Isn’t there a whole story where Geralt is basically bearing his soul to Dandelion and it’s so boring Dandelion falls asleep.


I don’t give a shit about watching this Netflix show but finally, the day so, so, soooo many people will end up pissed cause the torrents called ‘witcher-tv-serie’ will end being the original panned one uploaded by hordes of poles. That’s the part I am excited for. Personally, Wiedźmin loses any of it’s appeal if it’s not at least in a slavic language so that’s a pass for me. Sorry english speakers.

(Game!Geralt sounds so sexy in original so I am even more biased than I already would be. Sorry english voice actor )

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Some spicy hot commentary from dudo f

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There’s too much TV to watch and too many movies to be disappointed by. Hopefully I’ll get to start watching this weekend.

I have read some reviews and the negative ones seem to be more tired of the fantasy genre with their criticisms than the actual show.

The entertainment weekly review is getting a lot of drama because the reviewer watched 2 episodes, then skipped to the 5th, and then gave it a zero.


I too wish I could get paid to randomly not do my job.


I feel like that’s a failure more on the editor than the writer. The editor allowed that to go to print instead of going, “Dude, finish the series first.”


I’m sorry but the last scene of Episode 2 Yennifer and her “boss” exchanging faint smiles was THE scariest shit I’ve seen in a while.


Then might I recommend joining a union. Some days I work 10 minutes and get paid for 4 hours. It’s how I had enough free time to read all of The Witcher books.


Why would Netflix waste money producing this expensive show when they could have just made this the whole series for way cheaper. I would’ve legit tuned in to watch Cavill sit in a chair and read the books to me.

Edit: I have not watched the show yet. I am waiting for pizza to arrive first.


I think it’s caught between being a cheap ass Syfy show and being a prestige drama, and it gets the worst of both. It’s serious enough that there are long, tedious dialogue sequences directed with all the verve of bricklaying, but cheap and cheesy enough that every dramatic moment looks like it ways made with a third of GoT’s first season budget. This is however is appropriate for the Witcher, a property that’s basically dark shrek. I would have had a worse time if this show was actually good or looked on par with GoT.

Caville does do a great job however. He nails the humour and the general irritation that Geralt carries himself with, and of course, he carries the fight scenes really well. Whenever he’s not on screen I look at my phone.


Feel like I’m watching a different show than everyone else. I’ve loved it so far (3 episodes in), and I’ve no complaints except…

Well, look. As someone who read the books and is used to the idea of jumping between timelines with little-to-no signposting I think it’s kinda wild that they kept that concept in translating it to a TV series, but if I was coming to it without that background I’d have absolutely assumed everything was taking place in parallel, right until I saw a young Foltest and Adda at the end of episode 3, at which point I’d be VERY confused.

That aside, I’ve really enjoyed it. Nothing has seemed overly gratuitous in that Game-of-Thrones “Can’t spell prestige television without tits” way. The casting has been great in my opinion, and everyone seems like they’re having a great time.

The Witcher: It’s good!

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I think the timeline jumping is definitely going to confuse a lot of people. episode 5 converges 2 of the timelines at least but I had assumed the show had squashed the time gaps for the first couple episodes, what with them having cintra And yennefer backstory And geralt fighting adda so then in the next episode when caranthe is alive again and yennefers talking about having worked in courts for “decades” it really threw me off

also im glad they made dandelion just the most annoying man in existence. hes perfect. i hate him


I’m only two episodes in, but yeah I kinda love this. It definitely 100% helps that I’m familiar with the books and games and have been able to explain a lot of stuff to my partner as we watch, otherwise I’m sure we would be both be pretty lost. Cavill is good, y’all. I wouldn’t have expected this role to work for him but for me it does. Plus he’s real purty.

Yennefer is badass, and holy shit they killed it with Dandelion. I love him.


[Charlie xcx voice]
I don’t care, I love it


The show is fantastic actually.


Realized after watching the first episode and love the fact that Cavill lucked out and is on the show where if it succeeds and if he ever wants off, they can just decide it’s time to do Ciri seasons.

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I’m four episodes in and I may have just redownloaded Wild Hunt because of this. I forget how much I love the world of The Witcher, and this show has been doing great justice to the characters. I haven’t read the books so I was a little confused by some choices, like calling Dandelion Jaskier and Triss not feeling like Triss. But Cavill is perfect video game Geralt and his deadpan utterances of “fuck” are all I need.

Oh and “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” is a dang bop.