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Under “Our Friends”

These meta-citizens are a crucial tool for centrist politicians, ensuring that they always stay in touch with what principles to pretend to have. Their feedback helps transform tactless comments like “Stupid people deserve to be poor” into elegant platitudes like “The only way to move forward is to embrace the strength of tomorrow."

Under “Our Enemies”

Instead of believing that what’s good for business is good for everyone, these anti-progress tree fondlers absurdly claim that what’s good for everyone is good for everyone.

We want an efficient government with lean bureaucracies, supple imperial war machines and svelte mass surveillance.


Wealthy donors don’t influence centrist politicians, which makes those politicians very trustworthy. So trustworthy, in fact, that it’s laughable to suggest that they’re influenced by wealthy donors. Some call that “circular reasoning,” but we call it “the circumference of truth.”


Super off topic but where did the Woke Gamer joke originate from? It just became ubiquitous in Waypoint material during PAX and I completely missed it! Did someone unironically declare themselves that?



(It was Patrick’s wrestler person during the PAX Rumble.)


I spend a level 1 spell slot to cast Circumference of Truth.


Really on the nose. Did anyone else notice that the ying-yang symbol is the site’s icon?

Under “Enemies”:

If people want to matter more, there are better ways to go about it than throwing a bunch of public temper tantrums. Have they considered being taller? Or famous? Or asking father to make a few calls?

Remember, asking people to inconvenience themselves in any way, shape, or form by participating in personal or collective action is a bad thing. Put all of your trust in the hands of those with money and power to take care of everything! As the site says, make an indifference.