The World³ Thread

Cube World is finally releasing on the 30th after 6+ years of development!

Has anyone been playing the beta and if so what are your thoughts on it?

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It’s still a mess in all the ways it was when it first came out and honestly it doesn’t feel like a whole lot has been done to it in the past six years

It still has a weird charm to it though

I spawned in, got 3 hit by a caterpillar, 1 hit by an orc, 1 hit by something I didnt even see and then closed the game. I’ll be honest its not making an amazing first (second?) impression.

So I played it and I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in a game before.

Playing alpha I could feel like there was an actual really good game waiting to be fleshed out.

6 years later and having been teased with all sorts of cool ideas and pictures on Twitter by Wollay I feel misled.

The world looks beautiful and vibrant but is just bland in depth. Enemies feel incredibly aggressive and will kill you in a few hits while you can do no damage.

Without searching online the only way to progress seems to be pulling single creatures and getting low amounts of gold and materials which when you get to a town you realize gets you nothing unless you want to grind for several hours.

The lore added to the world feels randomly generated and boring. I find a tomb stone or something that gives you lore and often it’s one or two throw away sentences. It’s not spinning a tale or giving you something to look for it’s just uninteresting.

Then I find out that if I manage to get good gear and leave the region it’s pointless because the gear immediately gets it’s stats reduced but I get minor stat pads like 2% faster climbing. If you are sailing on a boat and cross into a new region you just immediately fall into the water.

I feel like this is just them releasing for the sake of releasing…

I really want to like the game but it is just so shallow and poorly tuned.