The Worst Part of ‘Rage 2’ Is the Fall Damage


I’ve had to come to terms with a lot in my roughly 25 hours with Rage 2, id Software and Avalanche’s new open world shooter. There’s the barely-existing story, the eerily empty roadways, the core abilities so well-hidden in the world that you may never unlock them, but hey, this is a game about turning people into goo.

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I don’t agree that fall damage is a universally terrible mechanic. It has its uses as a considered part of a game design. I certainly missed it in what I played of AC Odyssey, where the streamlined climbing mechanics removed any of the tension that traversal had in previous games. The problem with fall damage in Rage 2 is that Rage 2 isn’t a game about traversing an environment, it’s a shooter, and not even one that aims at realism. Taking fall damage can be a fair result for failure to accomplish a platforming challenge, but it feels unfair as an incidental punishment in a game that’s frankly a raw power fantasy in most other ways.

The habit in modern game design of locking upgrades that make the game fun behind some form of progression system was the subject of this Twitter rant thread that I enjoyed:


I’ve been playing AC Odyssey recently after being away from it and I can’t decide if it not having fall damage is bad or not - I really want to figure out what the hell I think of that game and how it (fairly successfully) accomplishes a game experience with basically zero bumps up or down and what the hell that means.

In any case, yeah, fall damage is not “always terrible,” as kcin said above, and I really don’t like seeing that kind of blanket crit.


You can unlock the grav jump early on, nearby the “first” town where Marshall is, and never ever die to fall damage. Oh no im about to hit the ground. Jump or float if you got that perk. Fall damage is so meaningless in this game.



You know, Borderlands learned this lesson with BL2. Fall damage doesn’t contribute anything meaningful to the game and, in fact, just impedes the ability of the player to get more loot, so they cut it out. At least, I assume that’s why Gearbox did it.

So yeah, this seems like a pretty weird oversight.


Hmm maybe that’s why DOOM (2016) is so damn good. Because you get glory kills immediately, and then every other gun or ability is just a different way to murder hellspawn.


Not to derail too much but I’d argue that Odyssey is very much a raw power fantasy. Especially so in comparison to Origins (and not just because of no fall damage).

Edit: I do want to be clear that’s not a dig at Odyssey. Sometime raw power fantasy is what you want.

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raw power fantasy is a really great phrase, and to steal from jake peralta, definitely the name of someone’s sex tape.

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So the devs heard that The Witcher 3 was a very popular game and figured, “oh let’s copy that fall damage mechanic, the one where Geralt can lose half his health just slipping down a bluff a few feet, people loved that”.