The Xbox Series X Is Not on Fire, It Is Just Vaping

The Xbox Series X released yesterday and new consoles often mean new problems. In videos on social media, some Series X owners reported that their new consoles were catching on fire and blowing smoke. But as the Verge’s Tom Warren pointed out, it’s much more likely that people are making videos of the Series X blowing smoke by blowing mad vape clouds into it.

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I can’t fathom a world where people spend $500 on a new system and then just be like “lol gonna put smoke into this thing and see what happens”.


The console wars are no joke to some people.


Make Your Own Vape Chamber

This is bringing back memories of working in Office Depot and handling computers who’s owner was clearly a smoker.

I mean, it’s probably a safe move to NEVER be an early adopter of any big technology release. Consoles, video cards, hell even games are better after weeks to months of patches, drivers, and fixed parts.

I’ve never seen one of those in person, but the pictures are pretty horrifying.

Reminds me of that YouTube account that buys new tech just to smash it and see what happens

Do we know if it blends, yet?

I mean honestly it was not as bad as the ones where people had 0 shame and had porn wallpapers.