The Yakuza series, aka the making of the ultimate dad

i mean, when you consider that it’s a 2/3 price remake of a ps2 game, and that it came out within months of 6, I wouldn’t be surprised that they reuse assets a lot.

sssuure, that’s not surprising but it still very much feels like an extension of zero than its own (and the original) thing

Finished! Some interesting character development with Kiryu, like how his constant self sacrifice is really a cover for his need to escape his problems, which i think is a very interesting take on the typical self sacrificing hero character. When you think about it he caused so much more suffering by taking the blame for his friend.
On one hand I appreciate being able to play through the story of yakuza 1 and it was only $30, on the other its just not a very good yakuza game compared to 0. A lot of the boss battles were anachronistic slogs and the main side quests were reused assets from 0 pocket racing, female wrestling, and arena combat which i didn’t like that much in 0 anyway.

I played Yakuza Zero, it being my first Yakuza game and there’s a character called Bacchus who is a dude that trains you how to fight. Now my girlfriend is playing Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first and there’s a bar called Bacchus… and I’ll be honest here this is the first time I’ve seen the name Bacchus even though now I am aware it’s a Roman God, it’s still weird to me that the series has two different things that use the same name and as far as I have been able to tell there isn’t any connection between the two and AM I JUST GOING INSANE HERE BECAUSE THERE HAS TO BE A CONNECTION, LIKE DID BACCHUS LATER GO ON TO OPEN UP THE BAR??? THERE’S PAINTINGS ON THE WALL THAT KINDA RESEMBLE THE CHARACTER FROM YAKUZA ZERO. DID THEY DECIDE TO TAKE THE PAINTINGS FROM KIWAMI AND CREATE A CHARACTER FOR ZERO?

The connection is just implied, but there isn’t a direct dialogue or anything, as far as I’m aware.

Oh and the paintings are present on the OG PS2 release already.
Maybe they took the name of the bar, the paintings, made the character and just left the connection to our imaginations.

This was my assumption. Nothing in these games outside the main story is all that serious, so I would just take it for a wink and nod and not read any more into it.

Bacchus is also the name of a major gay pornography distributor in Japan, and also the name of a Japanese guitar company. It also gets used semi-commonly in Japan, Thailand, etc. as a name for nightclub/etc. “go here to spend way too much $$$ on drinks so you feel decadent” type places, a fitting name.

In the game series though what @Neurasthenic says is correct, the bar/paintings existed in the games before the character was created for Yakuza 0, so it’s just a fun “oh so that’s where that came from” thing.

It’s looking like Amazon’s not gonna hold to that £23.99 price I got for the steelbook edition now it’s back in stock, which is a bit bollocks and as a side effect has sent me into full hype mode for Kiwami for when I do eventually get it.

Like, man, I don’t think anything has ever floored me so much as 0 did. Went in expecting to like it and within moments I was absolutely LOVING it. Good-ass game, yo.

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Bunch of new trailers for upcoming Yakuza games were released:

Yakuza Kiwami 2 story trailer:

Yakuza Kiwami 2 gameplay trailer:

Fist of the North Star trailer:

Yakuza Online trailer:

I finished up Kiwami recently and have started Yakuza 3 and it’s been…rough. The fighting is different and seems harder? At least the bosses I fought early on were tougher than early bosses in 0 and Kiwami. I’ve done 3 chapters and I don’t think I can start doing any substories yet, but it seems like that finally will open up soon.

Also some of the localization is slightly different, with one particular name being changed that threw me off that I won’t get into because it’s kind of spoilery.

I did pick up Ishin while I was in Japan, and while I haven’t gotten far, there’s a pretty decent translation site online you can use to help get through it: KHHSubs

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One thing to keep in mind with the older ones is that you are MUCH harder to knock down when your Heat gauge is full. So when fighting bosses, don’t immediately use a Heat move, just keep the momentum going. Avoid the bosses when their gauge is full (there’s no visible gauge but they’ll have a flame effect like Kiryu) and it will run out faster.

Keep in mind they cut 15% of the content in Yakuza 3 so you lose out on things that can increase your experience. The second town is particularly empty because of this.

Weirdly I like the way the way they cut it more in Yakuza 3. Instead of meeting hostesses in clubs and paying billions of dollars to play darts with them and eventually become The One, you just run into them in the various food places/etc., it’s almost normal. You just bump into someone and have a conversation start hanging out regularly and then go on a date.

I’m a recent Yakuza convert. It’s now one of my top game series ever. Yakuza 0 is definitely in my top 10 favorite games of all time and Kazuma Kiryu is now one of my Top 5 favorite video game protagonists of all time. I’ve also purchased and beat Yakuza Kiwami.

I haven’t had a chance to play another titles in the series other than Zero and Kiwami, but I will be buying Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2 day 1!

Edit: Did anyone get slightly emotional when running into Pocket Racer and the kids you met in Y0 who are now grown up. I feel like all of the subtle connection added to Kiwami to connect to Y0 were amazing!

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Yakuza thread in here? Great!

I only got into them recently with 0 then Kiwami. Got the platinum trophies in both. 0 was especially amazing. Action packed, emotional yet daft and hilarious. Looking forward to Kiwami 2.

Ordered Yakuza Ishin and I can’t read or speak Japanese. There’s a rather substantial fan written guide online, so I should be ok. It’s worth all the patience and extra work to finally play Ishin.

You were not kidding. That Michiru sidequest was painful. They turned trans panic into a chasing minigame.

I thought they handled Earth Angel’s bar owner in 2 fairly well for it being a 2006 game. It is sad to see that the portrayal of lgbt characters regressed from 2 to 3 and 4.