The Yakuza series, aka the making of the ultimate dad

That’s fiar because Kiwami has got some new stuff, if I remember correctly…the Majima crossdressing event in particular is just…blegh. That said it’s been forever since I’ve played 3 and 4, so you could be totally right about them being worse, to be honest.

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For reasons I already posted I’m very excited that a lot of people will get to experience Yakuza 2 for the first time. This is awesome.

I hope they’ll do right by the game. Lots of cool stuff but later installments made it pretty much irrelevant to the overall story, they should tie it a little bit more to the full package.

The best fights in the series are stored in this game so I really look forward to that. Great music too, I wasn’t a fan of the Kiwami 1 treatment of the music though, I hope they’ll make it less electro, and keep the jazz fusion/rock roots.

I was thinking about buying a PS2 and tracking down another copy of this, like, yesterday.

It’ll come after 6 which is kind of a bummer because I wanted to do a chronological playthrough before it came out, but I’m fine with this. Two is largely independent anyways, as Dreamboum said, so I guess I’ll just play 3-5 in the meantime.

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All hope all these Yakuza games coming out means that sometime, somehow, we get releases of the two Black Panther games on a newer system than the PSP. Those games are real solid and holy shit their soundtracks are no joke like better than some of the main games’.


I personally hope this means we get the Samurai pair of games at some point. That’d be awesome.

e: holy shit @NeoRasa that Born to be Wild track is amazing.

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Yakuza Kiwami 2.

On the Yakuza 6 engine. Yes? Yes, please. Oh my god.

Stream from Gamescom!
New info:
Kiwami 2 confirmed, new Majima chapter
Yakuza Online for smartphones and PC
SHIN Yakuza for consoles, starring new protagonist Kazuga Ichiban
oh and the yakuza team is making a fist of the north star game


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As someone new to the series, I am very happy about all the Yakuza news. My wallet, not so much.

I am so ready for fist of the north star in ways I didn’t think I could

Just as a heads-up the new Yakuza teaser seems to spoil Yakuza 6 in a roundabout way as it is set after this title and you see things you might not want to know about.

Kinda wish I hadn’t seen it.

Sega just put out this short survey about the recently announced Yakuza games (Kiwami 2, that Fist of the North Star game, and Yakuza Online) asking how interested in the games people are:

Basically they’re seeing if people want to see the games localized. So it’s probably worth filling out this survey if you want to see these games released here.


Well, Yakuza Kiwami is officially upon us. I’m not planning on picking it up in the imminent future (I still need to play 0!), but is anyone in this topic already digging in as we speak?

just started it! played up until they start letting you run around freely. the skill trees work a lil bit different this time around in a way that i think is more interesting than 0’s, where each combat style had its own tree. also interestingly you have 4 styles off the bat, all 3 from 0 and also Dragon style, which i assume is his movelist from the original Yakuza. 0 was my first one of these so i have no idea if that’s accurate.

the setup so far is very interesting, and i’m kinda glad i played 0 before this so i knew the Tojo clan hierarchy, since they roll out those “X, lieutenant of Y family, a subsidiary of Z clan” intro cards really fast in the initial hours.

I’m seven hours in. Would recommend playing 0 first, it definitely has added weight to characters and events being referenced. Says something about the quality of 0 that I even care about how side characters are doing 17 years later.
It’s a treat getting to experience the story of yakuza 1, like many people i started late in the series (yakuza 3) and always wondered about the older games.
yay yakuza games renaissance ! who could guess this would happen?

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I’m still kinda sad we never got this opening theme in Yakuza 0.

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Dragon Style can actually be earned in Zero by doing the real estate stuff. and yeah it’s just his moveset from the rest of the series. it has to be leveled up by fighting Majima but I’ve run into him so few times it isn’t much use to me.

I kind of liked the skill system in Zero better, since the financial theme was so amusing and the styles more clear. here you still have branches for the styles but they’re rolled into the categories that the rest of the series uses.

I never played the original so I have no idea how it compares but Kiwami feels more than anything like a big expansion to 0.

Locations, art assets, music, animations and interface elements are all heavily re-used sometimes without any changes at all, sometimes to its detriment (I would find myself thinking that some locations should have changed more in 17 years.)

They have clearly added a lot of reference to 0 into the dialogue, to the point that it feels like 0 really is the new starting point to the story.

But it’s all-round smaller. Shorter (or so I hear, I’m not through it yet), based on one character and main location, and so far with less elaborate side quests and minigames.

It’s all very well done, but sometimes I have to remind myself that this is actually the first story on in the series, because it doesn’t feel that way. Very curious about how 6 next year will feel similar or different.