There Are Way Too Many Metroid-Style Games Coming Out Next Month

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i find this kind of piece really difficult to take seriously because it hinges on the idea you HAVE! to play the newest games NOW!


Maybe we could just get a Metroid game instead.

Not playing the newest games Right Now is what gets you a spreadsheet with 3,000 hours worth of games you have to play…

(No, I’m not kidding.)

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I think it’s good to be excited (which can turn into being overwhelmed!) about playing new things and for us to get good games idk idk idk

It’s probably just me being too particular, but I don’t think Dead Cells is anything like Metroid. If someone said to me “I love Super Metroid but I hate Spelunky,” I would tell that person to avoid Dead Cells.


As someone who does not make nearly enough money to be able to afford to buy all the newest games Right Now I’m honestly really pleased by the embarrassment of riches when it comes to games like this. It means I’ll have games to look forward to playing in the future as I gradually get around to each of them. I think games writers/journalists/critics sometimes get so used to getting free copies of the newest games as soon as they come out that they forget that most people only buy a couple games per month or even only during sales. All these games are just more I’ll happily put on my “someday soon” list and get around to playing over the next year or so in between games of other genres.

I will be grabbing the switch port of Iconoclasts though, should be a great warmup for when my GF and I start our simultaneous Hollow Knight playthroughs when the final DLC comes out at the end of August.


@patrick.klepek I’m curious what you think about the White Palace section of Hollow Knight, now that you are trying for different endings. People seem fairly divided on it. Personally it was my stopping point.

Yeah, not to insult Patrick here, but this reads to me like the yearly complaint that the games press makes in August/September about the coming deluge of games. It just seems like a privileged take that isn’t in line with how regular players purchase and play games. I just roll my eyes and move on.


I’m really looking forward to Salt & Sanctuary, it has a fantastic setting and is a joy to play.

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I mean, Chasm, Death’s Gambit, and Guacamelee 2 aren’t on Switch yet so if you need a heuristic of what games you will almost certainly get a chance to cover at a later date, there you go.

Me, I’m in the weird situation of having yet another Kickstarter game drop in my lap five years after paying for it - I really should get back to Cosmic Star Heroine at some point.

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Iconoclasts is one of the games I’ve been just barely resisting the temptation to play as I wait for a Switch port (side-eye at Kentucky Route Zero), so I’ll definitely be getting that as soon as it’s up. Dead Cells as well—I’ve been playing it on and off since last spring and it just has such a good feel to it.

@klauskorp I’d agree, but I’d probably call it more Castlevania-roguelike than Spelunky (I don’t really like Spelunky but love DC)? Probably because the emphasis feels more on melee combat than precise platforming

Heck this sorry alone I already beat Super Metroid and Dandara, still have to play Axiom Verge. But Dead Cells and Iconoclasts sounds like the perfect games for my Switch, I want badly now.

EDIT: Also wasn’t Below supposed to come out this year? How Metroidvania-ish is that?

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Yeah, I agree. To me, Metroid is all about getting new abilities that open up new areas and exploring the world. Dead Cells has a tiny, tiny bit of that, but it definitely isn’t the emphasis. But I enjoy it very much.

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Do the colours mean something?

There’s a key to the right on the spreadsheet. (Although @PhoenixUNI might have added that since you commented?)

Yep, colors are basically how long a game will take to complete, and thus how many streams/videos it’ll be broken up into for Twitch & YouTube.

Just got my key for ‘La-Mulana 2’ so that is also out soon.

oh yeah i can see it now on a bigger screen


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