There Is Going to Be Another 'Life Is Strange,' and I Hope It’s Super Gay


Teen romance should always be strange.

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Really hope they redouble that effort for the next season and build some new characters and settings that go beyond the doomed Rachel Amber-Chloe-Max triangle at the heart of season 1.


I, too, hope that it is super gay. And maybe this time don’t try to guilt-trip us into breaking the couple up at the end? idk I found that bit a little disappointing.


check this out:
knife is strange


I have complicated feelings on this so I’ll try to word them as best I can. I too hope that Life is Strange is “super gay”, but I’m afraid that they could mess it up by going overboard. Something I really liked about Life is Strange was how it was less overt about it’s gay themes than something like Gone Home (which I also love). As much as I can remember, the words “gay” or “lesbian” are never even uttered in the entire game. There’s never a moment where Max and Chloe have a heart to heart and talk about their sexualities. There are only genuine moments between characters (like when Chloe dares Max to kiss her) and vague allusions (like when Chloe says that Rachel was her “angel”). It gave the game a sense of ambiguity that reminded me of my own teenage years, when I was still figuring out my own sexuality.


Didn’t make the connection, but 13 Reasons and Life is Strange definitely have the same vibe now you mention it! Makes me wonder if the Life is Strange TV show will live up to that.

Really happy to hear they are continuing with the series and would be even happier to see them continuing queer relationships.

Though maybe the teen lingo could be hella better this time round


See I’m very anti “ambiguity” in queer themes because it never feels genuine to me. Like. I know, yes, some people have lived experiences like that but my own has always just been. I can never shut up about being queer, nor can any of my other queer friends. So when writers go “oh it’s realistic cause we don’t SAY gay” I have to roll my eyes at least a little bit.


I hope it’s gay but I also really hope it’s not another Tragic Lesbian Story™ because that’s something that disappointed me a whole lot about S1


unrelated to relative gayness, I’m curious if they will cook up a new weird reality bending mechanic or if they use the rewind time ability again. on one hand it is hard to imagine a mechanic better suited to the gameplay genre, on the other it would be interesting to see them mix it up. this is the time where they have to decide what constitutes a Life is Strange game.


I really think they should iterate on the time-travel mechanic and find more varied and interesting ways to use it, rather than biting off more than they can chew with something entirely new.


I’d rather not lose the time travel mechanic but only because it makes save scumming easier?


How does one save scum in a game that’s inherently about being able to go back and fix one’s mistakes?


I mean the time travel thing basically replaces save scumming

In Telltale games I will occasionally pick a dialogue option I don’t like and have to reload the whole scene, but in life is strange I can just rewind.


I didn’t play the first one, but I watched the endings, and…

[spoiler]I honestly preferred the “bad” ending. So sue me, I’d rather wipe out a whole town of jerks than kill off another queer character. That crap is way too prevalent in all forms of media.

I hope the sequel goes a different route in terms of its choices, like “oh hey maybe there could be a gay/lesbian romance that has a happy outcome”[/spoiler]


A list of things I want:

  1. More Life Is Strange
  2. That gay shit


Agreed but for vaguely different reasons.

So the “save Arcadia Bay” ending basically suggests that like. Chloe HAS to die or the universe is fucked. And by virtue of the whole tornado being Max’s fault and time travel being a metaphor for like. Fixing things. The game is suggesting that helping people is bad and like… Fuck that actually.


Also agreed, but for more out-there reasons. (warning: super-weird, convoluted fan theory incoming)

[spoiler]It’s obvious that Max’s powers are related to the storm that’s coming, that much I’m there for. The idea that Chloe’s death is essential to stop the storm, which is how the game frames it, doesn’t hold water for me, because the catastrophic events are still happening in the world where she’s slowly dying anyway. The personification of nature and the emphasis on destiny are two recurring ideas throughout the game. This sort of led me to view Max’s powers more as a sort of gift from nature. The game emphasizes how Arcadia Bay is sort of destroying the local ecosystem. All these things, in my sort of media-addled brain, mean that, for me, the game makes most sense as being a story of Max being given these powers and taught how to use them as sort of an agent to whatever gave her those powers. This also ties into her nightmare: she deals with all these insecurities telling her to turn against Chloe, then an outside force comes in as Chloe and tells her not to feel guilty, and shows the love story thus far.

I know I haven’t been able to put these things to words as well as I wanted to, but for me, in my brain at least, it’s all added up so that every time I’ve gone through the game, I’ve chosen to sacrifice the town because it makes most sense to my interpretation of events. Which, if that was somewhat intended, is cool, but also enough people have a very different interpretation that whether it’s intended or not, the game doesn’t really communicate that to most people.[/spoiler]

Again, sorry for the long, convoluted thing that I didn’t really do a go job communicating, I’ve just been thinking of this for so long and had to get it out somehow.