There is no perfect game, there only perfect games

Recently Jim Sterling made a video about how a publisher should make different kinds of games in-order to get ahead. It brings to mind how too many games have similar features which makes them feel like the same game. What do you guys think?

It’s actually an old video he did years ago. I agree with the idea. The pursuit of that catchall game is absurd. Plenty of untapped markets are out there for the AAA industry. I think the landscape is a lot better than it was say five years ago, but I think publishers still have a need to diversify the types of games they make.

I think Sterling does his argument a disservice by making the competition between Call of Duty and Battlefield the centerpiece of the video. Because despite Battlefield’s single-player campaign chasing Call of Duty in recent years, their multi-player components are radically different. An exclusive Battlefield fan isn’t going to be satisfied if Battlefield is canceled and they’re stuck running around in Call of Duty’s tiny maps and simplified systems, and the equivalent Call of Duty player would despise giving up their tense close-quarters firefights for Battlefield’s slower pace, longer sight-lines, and general complexity. To me, those two games actually are the plain and chunky pasta sauces from Sterling’s analogy, two versions of a product that appeal to very different tastes.

It’s worth remembering when EA actually tried what Sterling says they do, closely imitating what CoD does and try to pry away some of its market. That was the 2010 and 2012 Medal of Honor games, and those did so poorly that they ended that long-running series, at least for now.

His idea is great, agreeing with him!