There’s Going to Be a Sequel to ‘Anodyne,’ the Best Non-Nintendo Zelda Game

Anodyne was one of the best games of 2013. If you’ve never played it, it’s basically a smarter, weirder take on the 2D Zelda formula, specifically, the dreamy tone and puzzle structure of Link’s Awakening. And, as of today’s announcement, there’s going to be an official sequel!

One of the game’s key developers, Sean Han Tani, announced the new game in a tweet, complete with a short teaser trailer. The game is coming in “early 2019” and boasts 2D and 3D style adventure. The first game was all sprite-based 2D, and top-down, so this is something new. But it’s not a huge surprise, given Han Tani’s explorations in 3D adventure, with All Our Asias earlier this year.

I am basically interested in anything Han Tani and Joni Kittaka collaborate on. In addition to Anodyne and Han Tani’s All Our Asias (which Kittaka contributed art to), the duo made my 2016 game of the year, Even the Ocean. That was a 2D platformer with unique mechanics and fascinating world building, and it wore its politics proudly on its sleeve. They are game makers who, thus far, have made wildly creative, thoughtful projects, so color me excited for their first sequel.

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I’m super stoked that we are starting to see games with graphic inspired by early(-ish) 3D games. I haven’t played the first one but hopefully I’ll find the time to play it.

Oh my god I’m so excited for this, I couldn’t believe it when the news popped up on Twitter. I stumbled onto Anodyne during a Steam sale ages ago and grabbed it because it was cheap and looked interesting and it blew me away, I never would’ve guessed we’d get a follow-up!

danielle got a job in games journalism to publicly and indefinitely stan for anodyne and i admire her for that


I’m surprised Anodyne is so under a lot of people’s radars given that (imo) it does that hypnagogic, spooky warping of SNES nostalgia better than something like, say, Undertale

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I’m intrigued as to how this sequel is going to be. I’m really hoping it’ll do for the PSX era what the original did for SNES-era games (i.e. looking back at the creepy, hidden, or urban legend-y kind of parts of games from the perspective of adulthood). Might need to replay Anodyne actually; curious how much of my affection for it is based on my very specific personal interpretation of it