There’s Only One Reason to Own Nintendo’s New 2DS XL


Thankfully it’s a pretty significant one, which justifies the console’s seemingly oddly timed launch.

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It’s weird, as someone who never owned a 3DS of any sort and loved his OG DS, the new 2DS seems right up my alley but I can’t be bothered to get one. The reason for this is I have fully been converted to preferring digital distribution, and I simply don’t trust Nintendo to do right by my digital library even in the short term. The stupid policy to tie digital purchases to specific hardware is dumb and anti-consumer, and I can’t support it. Of course, there’s still an option to buy everything physically, but after having my Vita and R4 for DS, it feels like an awkward step back.


I’m currently tight on finances right now, but I’d otherwise be very tempted to get this to replace my 2011 Zelda 3DS which is slow, scratched and slightly battered.


I’m too fond of the 3D effect to get rid of my N3DS but it’s a pretty good deal. I wish it had the ability to swap faceplate too.


You talk about Nintendo being anti-consumer while essentially admitting you’ve engaged in piracy?



@Hailinel I bought my games and loaded the equivalent ROMs onto the R4 for convenience. I also used it to play homebrew games. The R4 need not be used only for piracy. But I’m sure you already knew that.


I’m tempted to get one if the hinge is less fiddly than the New 3DS XL. Although, I heard this new model feels kinda light and cheap compared to the older ones.