There seems to be a new Vampire the Masquerade ARG (Paradox Teasing an Event on February 23rd)


here’s a new dating app that appears to take the term ‘thirsty’ quite literally. It’s called Tender, a “soulmate algorithm”, and seeing as how its powered by Paradox Interactive (you can even sign in with an existing Paradox account) it’s probably not really trying to set you up on a date. Considering the rather bloody nature of the app’s announcement video, the fact that it asks your blood type before inviting you to match with sick people near you, and that Paradox owns White Wolf Publishing (which filed an interesting trademark just last year), this smells a lot like an ARG for a new Vampire: The Masquerade game. Maybe.​

Paradox is running the app, so seems like something might be coming soon.

idk how far all the shit that’s gone on with the VTM capital B Brand lately has reached beyond people plugged into the tabletop space, but my feelings are LOUD FART NOISE THAT LASTS FOR A VERY LONG TIME, ITS STILL GOING, ITS IN SURROUND SOUND, IT QUAKES THE EARTH.

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Wasn’t there a recent module to the TTRPG that was ultra racist or something?

They literally took the rights away from the people who made that horrible, horrible thing.