There Should Be More to Video Game Sex Than Just Home Runs


First base, second, third, bingo—and games constantly race to the end. But can’t we just stop at a hand-job for once?

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Hey, I am genuinely confused about why, as mentioned in this article, hand stuff and mouth stuff don’t count as sex. It makes me uncomfortable because it is a very…cis/het normalized way of thinking. Like saying we should ‘stop at a hand job’ just sounds off to me. For a lot of people, especially ones that have the same genitals, hand jobs and oral sex are the end station. And it very much counts as sex.

(Putting this behind a spoiler because it contains some of the same nsfw language used in the article itself).

Anyway, it would be good to see different kinds of sex represented in video games (I’m also interested in the inclusion of safe sex, for instance! but that’s a whole other can of worms), but the language surrounding the minutiae of this topic needs to be examined.


This reminds me of a video/lecture by Robert Yang that I watched a long time about that was about the nature of sex as a “reward” to players in games. If I can find it I will link it here

EDIT: I cannot, for the life of me, find the video, but Yang still has a lot of other interesting stuff. Here’s his website (potentially nsfw?)


Scriptnotes talked about this a while ago in relation to movies. Specifically, blowjobs and handjobs have become weird short hand. A blowjob means you’ve made a mistake. Handjob is considered childish or emasculating.