There's Going To Be a 'Pathfinder' CRPG


Owlcat Games has announced that they're bringing Pathfinder into the realm of the isometric world.

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Seems like a bit of a waste of Avellone. Isn’t Pathfinder’s setting well known for being a really bland mish-mash of everything fantasy?


Kinda? I’d say it’s more like they have a bunch of fantasy settings that happen to coexist on the same planet.

Kingmaker, specifically, is an existing campaign about founding a country in contested frontier territory.


I’m excited to see how they approach this! Pathfinder was my first TRPG, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart.


I like crpgs a lot, but for me I missed out on their heyday. Older ones pre all the good enhanced edition work that’s gone in has felt really antiquated and hard for me to really dive into. (I ran into those goblins in Icewind Dale without having any gear, I didn’t know)

The games made more recently are much more friendly to get into. I love Pillars and am excited to see more of these games come up.

3.5 I spent a lot of time on, but significantly less on Pathfinder. I’d really like to see what comes of those game, even if the setting is nowhere near as interesting as say Planescape


MCA as narrative lead means I’m there.


It’s definitely a mish-mash of everything fantasy, but I find Pathfinder Adventure Paths really get good when crazy things happen like Go to 1920s Russia to kill Rasputin because Baba Yaga exists and told the party to or Find a crashed alien spaceship and fight the AI. That’s what makes the stories really good. Also the fact that there is at least a modicum of LGBTQ+ characters makes it somewhat okay.