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i just mean success in the literal sense (and not a particularly great one based on available information). not trying to pawn it off as anything or do any of the other things you are claiming


We’re going off the rails here but I’m feeling punchy today.

Ok, let’s talk literal success. The movie was a “success” such that it barely broke even when taking in worldwide gross compared to making and marketing the movie ($300 MM all in cost). It sank a franchise that was so well loved and they never made the sequels that were already written. It holds a 5% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was almost universally considered the worst picture of 2010.

Avatar should have been its generation’s Star Wars, that is how good that show is, and Shyamalan turned it into a joke. He couldn’t even get the actors to pronounce the characters’ names properly for godssakes!

So yeah, not even a “literal” success.


I too spent most of the podcast in wonder at the mystery of “sobata bread”


As someone who recently got a stand mixer but has failed several attempts at bread making (I haven’t even bothered with cake decorating that stuff looks hard) I’d be all the way down for rob baking content. Or, at the very least maybe he could point out some good introductory stuff that he used to learn. I can do my family’s various recipes for non-frosted varieties of cake alright but anything else is basically wizardry to me.


I’m wondering if I should start a spinoff thread where we discuss the future hit cooking show Snackny with the Zacny


Is it possible to put in chapters or time codes in the show notes so those of us that dislike sportsball talk can skip it easily?

Speaking of show notes, I noticed this typo in them (there instead of their):

"So, listen, we recorded this while ​Respawn Entertainment–creators of Titanfall and ​Titanfall 2​–were teasing there soon to be released ​battle royale ​Apex Legends​. "


I don’t see there mistake their.


Catching up with the end of this episode - I believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 MUST have been content locked sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.

-Zootopia was a movie in freefall - it had gone through several revisions and changes in direction, and it was projected to be a disaster. Its massive financial and critical success probably owe most to the quality of the casting.
-Big Hero 6 was projected to be the successful Disney movie of the moment. Obviously, it was also a big hit, but probably isn’t as well remembered as Wreck-It Ralph.
-Inside Out was thought of as the smaller movie compared to the similarly disastrous The Good Dinosaur - Monsters University just had come out to positive reception.
-Moana was maybe a twinkle on the horizon. Same to Coco and the tombstone that is Dead Men Tell No Tales.
-The future of Disney, these damn live action remakes, DEFINITELY hasn’t begun yet, because the degree to which original Disney KH worlds are left out of KH3 is pretty wild. Maleficent comes out in 2014, Branagh’s Cinderella in 2015, and Favreau’s Jungle Book in 2016. The only one that really exists in that modern sense is Burton’s Alice.

Hoping we see all of these in Kingdom Hearts 4 - even The Good Dinosaur, honestly! Many of these movies are deeply flawed in terms of politic, plotting, and purpose, but they’re all visually distinctive and would be fun to explore in Kingdom Hearts. Obviously, I don’t want the expanded versions of, for example, Birth by Sleep’s Cinderella world to take after Branagh’s movie, but if those remakes mean I get to explore the original game’s Disney worlds, I ain’t gonna complain!


Patrick’s track is really a few noticible seconds ahead of everyone else’s audio tracks. Starts like 1:30-1:40? Leads to overlapping conversations.


I was about to type “Sora fursona” but didn’t he turn into a Lion King lion at some point?
Zootopia is for sure a political mess, like I don’t think it’s a bad faith attempt but the underlying message ends up being twisted and fumbled to the point where its uncomfortable.
I just really enjoy its characters, acting, and visual design. They say they’re working on sequels, maybe they can turn it into something I can actually champion.


I’m very much with you - it’s not whatsoever surprising that Zootopia is primarily conceived by white middle-aged men. They get a lot wrong and it sucks the air out of a film that might have more breath if the creative voices were as diverse as the world they’re attempting to address. But I think it’s a blast - seeing it in a theater full of kids who danced at the ending Gazelle song confirmed for me that it’s a riot. And I think it gets things wrong in the way modern Spike Lee films get things wrong more than the way Split and Glass seem to get things wrong - it’s a mixed bag more than outright offensive, but the wrong decisions can be really glaring and upsetting. (I’m more talking about Chi-Raq than BlaKKKlansman because BlaKKKlansman ends on such a sour note.)

Hopefully a Disney that made a successful film in Moana can make a sequel that is more inclusive - probably by having a more inclusive creative team.


Yup I think you nailed it. Not necessarily holding my breath for it but I’d love for them to greatly diversify their team and either tackle it with a much more deft hand (paw?) or avoid the subject matter in favour of something they have a better grasp on.

Anyway this was initially in reference to KH worlds, sorry for hijacking it to talk about Zootopia ^^"
I don’t play the games but it’d be great if the city featured in the film could be a world in KH, for the thematic issues of the film it has lovely world design and art.


I am with Natalie in that I went from being lukewarm on the combat to really digging in after the first 8 hours or so. I also decided to play on Proud mode since I have found it adds some genuine challenge to 1.5 and 2.5.


I mean… I get that this is probably a joke, but people who are literally getting paid millions of dollars can’t figure it out; hiring gamers is probably not going to help…?

The thing is, like Rob said, somehow Bill Belichick is just fucking… better than everybody else. There are a lot of factors involved, but like thinking about it, it’s honestly sometimes baffling how good at winning the Patriots organization is – from accurately assessing and adjusting for talent (like, when Van Noy first showed up I thought he was hot garbage and somehow he’s making crucial backfield plays in the Superbowl??) to actually getting a whole team (53 + coaching staff + practice squad, etc.) to buy in to the dumb Do Your Job thing (which is not a given even in a professional setting–see Steelers, Browns) to just having a really good game plan week in and week out.

I mean… insert disclaimer here on all of the usual NFL/Patriots stuff (and as background, I’m not American, only started watching football when I went to Boston for grad school around 2010-ish and a) because of dumb regional broadcasting, the Patriots game is the only one that’s consistently on every week in Boston, and b) the Patriots have always been relatively good in that period, so no duh I latched onto them), but I honestly enjoy the Patriots’ brand of football – I LIKE the slot receiver / TE based short-pass offense (that has been the mainstay of most of the 2010s) the same way I LIKE the Spanish style of tiki-taka, and good defense is, if not exciting, then at least something I can appreciate.

That said, it was a boring game to watch, and like, my appreciation of the Patriots’ football aside I was in that weird spot of having always been a Pats fan for strictly football reasons and like… not particularly wanting to see them win, because ugh everything about them other than football. I’ve been in that spot for years; still wondering when I’m just gonna kick the NFL vice altogether.

Which is a long-winded way to say, anyway, that every time the Waypoint crew talks football, I find it pretty relatable, guilt and Pats hatred included.