These Are the Best Video Games of the Past Decade

Dying Light had a banging soundtrack, it’s not my favorite kind of game but I could listen to the OST on its own.

Dragon’s Dogma definitely is a Top 10 of the decade, for me.

There’s so many different ways you can measure a best of the decade, from quality to influence to sales to personal preference, but if there’s one game that should be on that list in all regards, I think it’d be Undertale. It’s wild it’d go behind, like, Spiderman or God of War or tbh TLOU.


I mean, I strongly disliked Undertale [so it’s never going to be on my personal preference list], but I’d be happy for it to be on a Top 10 list just because it seemed to be super influential for reasons I still don’t get, but accept exist.

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I’m the same way about Undertale but that game has changed the culture and a lot of people’s lives. The sheer number of bloated prestige games on this list that I have genuinely forgotten I played is pretty funny to me. You have under no account gotta hand it to em.

They put the wrong God of War is on this list too. If you’re gonna put a God of War up there, put the one where you rip a guy’s head off and use it as a flashlight for the rest of the game.


I have not listened to this Roundtable because… honestly I’m tired of these and miss regular Waypoint episodes. So I don’t know how they got here. This is a weirdly pop list for Waypoint or Vice. I guess this is technically not a Waypoint list per se. I’m disappointed, I’ll be honest.

But none of them seemed to that excited about Spider-Man or Red Dead Redemption 2. I’d expect God of War and Last of Us to be outright rejected. Overwatch feels like it disqualified itself over the last few years of being outright shitty.

Outer Wilds and Stardew Valley are the only two indie games? Control feels too left of the dial for this list.

Any top 10 of a year is going to be insufficient to sum up the entire breath of the year, and a top 10 for a decade will be an order of magnitude insufficient. And yet, I think this list is weak. How is there not a single Rogue Lite? Not one VN/narrative game? No Kentucky Route Zero?


They mentioned in the podcast discussion that this list was basically sourced from a survey of several (n=?) games journalists. Gita even calls out that this feels like the kind of list that would result in coughRedDead.


It’s a great discussion on the pod. Would definitely recommend listening as they are quite critical of some of the selections.

Another forum I post on are doing a top 50 games thing and I’m not sure why but I never even considered The Last of Us or RDR2 despite deeply enjoying my time with them (the latter especially). Maybe it’s cause they’ll both definitely win or because while they’re undeniably impressive and unexpectedly thoughtful (again, RDR2 more so than TLOU) I don’t think they had that much staying power with me once the credits rolled? It’s strange.

They said best games of the past decade not of all time.

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I see some posts using terms like “Waypoint staff” and “Waypoint-curated” but like, If anything Dragon’s Dogma, the game that directly influenced Waypoint even coming into existence and Waypoint being called Waypoint not even being on the list is the surest sign that Waypoint as a concept is completely dead.

THAT said, I don’t think this list is quite as off as some are saying either for what it is. Like I hate online FPS so I’ve never even played Overwatch but if they’re looking at it in terms of influence? Absolutely. And I don’t think it’s unreasonable that the exact same criteria is going to be used for picking each game. Especially if it was sourced from several writers instead of a small group. This is pretty much the list I’d expect, like of course this gen’s Zelda game and this gen’s Rockstar game are going to be at the top regardless of anything lol


Even with the pod discussion, I find it a little weird that the Rockstar game that made the list was RDR2 and not Grand Theft Auto V. Both have a lot of problems - in production and in-game - but I think GTAV is both a better game, and a more successful product. One of the opening announcements of the Next Gen Console presentations was ‘hey, GTA 5 is on this!’


Austin addressed the list on the discord, namely what went into creating it.
Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 8.09.00 PM


Lol they got Trump donor Gordon Hayward ranking the best games because he wears a headset in PC commercials? Alright, done being annoyed at the actual content of the list and more the process of creation.


I mean, Gordon Hayward was in an episode of Waypoint a few years back! But anyway, as a Jazz fan for life, I’m here for the Gordon hate.


Over the last few months, I’ve been introducing my partner to the NBA, and her first comment upon seeing Gordon Hayward in a random Saturday night Sixers/Hornets game was “that’s the whitest man I’ve ever seen.” I then had to explain my hysterical laughter, which was impossible, because where to even start.

On a serious note, it sucks that gaming outlets still feel like including someone like Hayward (whose main claim to fame in games is that, iirc, he plays League?) is necessary to legitimize the hobby. Especially because lots of non-shitty athletes also play games. Send the poll to Ben Simmons next time. Or KAT. Or Donovan Mitchell. I’m sure they’d have answers too.


We all know why Hayward was selected, it’s because he knows how to speak “internet gamer” and will select the safe, AAA, narrative driven choices that make up the list. There are plenty of NBA players who could wax poetic about playing PUBG mobile on their team bus, or the nuances of 2K, but the angry video game website commentariat doesn’t consider those “real games”. So we get a Trump supporting dipshit, which is as good as the wider gaming community deserves.


Really started the decade with a banger in January 2010, huh? It all went downhill from there…


I didn’t know anything of this about Hayward. I only knew him as one of the few names I recognize anymore from the veeerry tail end of when I last knew anything about the Jazz.

I like to think that Stockton’s game picks would be more, ah, on point.

Anyway: this thread helps explain the obvious dissonance that frequently came up on the show itself. It was fun to hear Gita, Cado and Austin bounce off the list, still.

Even if you don’t like the list (and there’s plenty to dislike- lists garnered in this way will always favour the big budget console games with huge audiences) the discussion is really good, and constitutes something of a dissent to the list itself. Every entry sparks an interesting conversation.


Sure, it feels like the title should have swapped the first two words, though.


No Titanfall 2?

Okay then.

But seriously folks, I feel like this is as good a list to summarise the past 10 years of video gaming, all these games have been massively influential in their own right. If I were to choose only one dad 'em up, it would probably be God of War over The Last of Us, I think by reinventing it as a means of looking back over those older games does give it more power. I still feel like The Witcher 3 has not been bettered in terms of what it does with the fantasy genre.

I guess Overwatch put character action shooters on the maps, even though I think Apex took the torch and ran with it.