These Mahjong Sets for Rich White People Are a Tacky Monument to Racism

A new company has sprung up to “refresh” Mahjong tiles by modifying them to an Instagram-ready palette and illustrative style. The Mahjong Line, founded by Kate LaGere, Annie O’Grady, and Bianca Watson and designed by O&H Brand Design, has released five sets, some of which scrap classic imagery altogether—like bamboo being replaced with nonsensical patterns of the word “BAM,” as well as the inclusion of thunder clouds and bags of flour.

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I have nothing meaningful to add other than the tiles look like they would cause eyestrain to look at with that awful blue green color choice.


They look like the kind of ornamental pebbles I would confuse for candy as a child and break a Tooth on

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I pointed this out in the Discord but goddamn they really went with a copy of Atlas Shrugged in the promo image for their culturally appropriated and quite frankly poorly designed Mahjong set.

They at least know their target audience I guess.


I’ve only played Mahjong once and I’m pretty sure it’s actually Calvinball but with tiles. It was a lot of fun even if I had no idea what was happening. Apparently I was close to winning too.