‘They Are Billions’ Gets the Single-Player Campaign Nobody Needed

They Are Billions has always been a single-player game. The base-defense RTS, with its throwback design to the early Age of Empires series and its Blizzard contemporaries, has been about building walled cities that are safe against both roaming zombies who can infect your whole colony in a matter of minutes, and against the hordes that come sweeping in at semi-regular intervals and attempt to overwhelm your defenses. It gets harder and harder until you either survive a final swarm or you lose. Then you try again.

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I was pretty worried this was how They Are Billions’ campaign would end up. Oh well, the survival mode is still fantastic at least.

I was hoping that the campaign would serve as a decent tutorial for learning how to play the survival mode ‘well’, but after playing a couple of missions it seems like… the complete opposite of that?

That said I do like the idea of slightly shorter scenarios where you have some hard progress. I’ve never managed to unlock any of the extra maps in the survival mode so having some easier things to check off is appealing.