'They Are Billions' Isn't About Zombies, It's About Wishful Thinking

Inside the walls, life seems almost normal as workers shuttle resources from mills and farms to their depots, walking down streets lined by rows of cottages, lit merrily from within. Then comes the warning: a horde of infected coming in from the east. Squads of soldiers race from their positions elsewhere in the city to man the battlements. Patrols rush back inside the gates and snipers hunch over their rifle scopes, scanning the eastern approaches.

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Rob hits the nail on the head, as usual.

As I put it in my other thread when I discovered it, They Are Billions really does sucker in people who are attracted to the “perfect turtle” idea of a game, but turtling will get you to lose every time. Like most RTSs, it’s a game about well-timed aggression and expansion, but it takes a while to learn that, and to learn the parameters you look for in an expansion area or a place to clean the map in between waves.

I won my first game this weekend, by the way.

I am desperate to see this graph Rob talked about in the last episode of Waypoint Radio. Respect to Austin as EIC but when Warcraft 3 and Age of Empires 2 were mentioned I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

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I vividly remember when I was a kid that I would get so anxious from The Culling level Rob mentions that for years I would just instant-win cheat past it.

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Well, I fired this up, after Rob and Austin’s stream earlier. They didn’t really get very far in, and, well, I did and …

I mean it went pretty well for a while, but …

There’s a lot of zombies you guys

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