They're Good OK?: Best Post Gen I Pokmon


Summer to me has always brought up memories of playing core Pokémon games, though the games themselves were not often released in the Summer (to my memory). A common criticism I’ve seen is that Pokémon after Gen I (and maybe II) are nowhere s good as those before them. While Gen I Pokémon do have a consistency to them, and are well designed, I often wonder if this is truly the case. In a way, I like the weird ways designs have spun out, and how outlandish they can sometimes get.

So, what’s your favorite post Gen-I Pokémon?
(Feel free to post an official image or sourced fanart!)

If you really like designs after Gen-I, why?


A lot of the sun/moon stuff ones were fantastic and I loved the regional variant idea, but my all-time faves are probably Sableye and the Beldum line, maybe because gen 3 was when I really got into the series.

edit: oh, and honedge. duh


People give Garbodor crap, but I’ll fight them all.

When people like to claim that Gen I is somehow sacred with perfect, untouchable Pokemon I like to remind them some of those designs include A Rock; A Bunch of Rocks; A Duck; and Purple Slime. Always felt like the worst kind of hipsterism to me. It’s always been goofy, just let people live, man.


Garbador is fantastic, and all the people saying that gen 1 was better because they didn’t have [many] pokemon that are just “A Thing” are silly because that’s where most of the coolest pokemon like Clefki and Honedge hang out


sableye is my absolute favorite! i’m definitely a gen 3 fan too, i played the first two generations and liked them but gen 3 just always really stuck with me? i guess it was also the last generation i really got into before i just kind of drifted away from pokemon for a while, so that might’ve contributed?


I could take a look back at all the gen 1 pokemon and while many were decent, there were a lot of stinkers. It seems like nostalgia plays a some factor like always but then people didn’t have other gens to compare to. Debates about the best gen started occurring exponentially the more gens were released. I’m sure I can find something to critique about most of the 151 originals and I don’t think I’d have to look too hard.

I also see 90% of people bring up the trash pokemon, the ice cream pokemon, and the key chain pokemon. That’s just 3 and not very characteristic of the gens they’re a part of. Also Honedge is awesome!

But favorite favorite? Maybe Darumaka, but it changes every now and then.


I first played Crystal so it would have to be the Cyndaquil line, with Suicune a close second. There have been some great designs since but Gen 2 felt so vivid to me, I have a lot of affection for them.


THE PAnts lizard! I Cant remember it’s name and I don’t want to look it up.


Scraggy! I like that dude too.


Funny enough, all my favorite Pokemon come from Gen 3 through Gen 5. There aren’t too many designs I actually dislike, but I guess by Ruby and Sapphire I was actually playing Pokemon for the sake of playing Pokemon, and not playing Gen 1 or Gen 2 just because my friends were.

For the sake of not counting eeveelutions, I love me some mech-mons:




I have always loved Ghost-types and Gen I was awful for them. Only the Ghastly line and they were all Ghost/Poison (my least favorite type). It’s hard for me to pin down a favorite, but my top are the Litwik line (especially Chandlure), Drifloon/Drifblim, Palossand, and Cofagrigus.


goood i used to be obsessed with the regis as a tween, such cool mythological designs…


10 year old me, who lived in an era before I had access to a computer, had a blast trying to figure out the mystery of the Regis, I must admit.


I’ve always been a sucker for Water and Grass types in general. I really liked Tropius in particular in Gen III.


I have a lot of favorite Pokemon across each gen, but Generation 4 really stands out to me. Turtwig line, Starly line, Shinx line, Mismagius, Gibel line, Riolu and Lucario, Gallade, Lefeon, Glaceon, a lot of great designs really came out of that gen.


My favorite thing to do when playing RSE is to fish up a Sharpedo when you get to Mossdeep City and teach it Blizzard and Surf. It completely murders Tate/Liza, Phoebe, Drake, and most of Steven with basically zero effort. Plus it’s a fucking shark torpedo.


Who doesn’t like Stufful and Bewear?


Mimikyu, Lurantis, and Leavanny are All Time Faves for me, gen 7 was so good to me, specifically??? but generally like, I don’t think there’s any Bad Bug types or Bad Ghost Types, they’re so good and solid so much…

Also Sylveon and like, all fairy types <3


Teddiursa. So cute.