They're Masterworks All, You Can't Go Wrong — Dragon's Dogma Pawn Thread


Following Austin and Natalie’s call in Waypoint Radio Episode 231 for a thread of Dragon’s Dogma pawns, I thought I would do the needful and put the thread together. I’m sure a few have gone up in the “show off your Player Character” thread, but I though it’d be great to put those here in one place.

If you’re not familiar, Dragon’s Dogma has a system of ‘pawn’ characters, which are player-created NPC party members. They have inclinations, personalities, and a lot of helpful guidance to give players (Dried fish are a local staple!). You can download pawns from the web or your friends, so you can see just how many of your friends cannot stop looting in the middle of battle (Wolves hunt in packs, Arisen).

As Dragon’s Dogma is coming to Switch soon (and the pawn system is confirmed not to require Nintendo Switch Online), I think it’d be a great deal of fun for folks to share their pawns here.

Hopefully, you can show off your feats in the character creator and, perhaps, help folks make a few friends if they’re inspired by one another’s creations.

The road splits here. Let us be doubly sure we see which leads to our destination.

It's 2012 All Over Again: We've Got 'Dragon's Dogma' Fever

My pawn, Gael Felwine, who did not want to pose for this picture, apparently. She’s the physical support for my squishy Sorcerer/sometimes Magick Knight, and has basically mastered all the physical vocations available to her. A very strong and reliable wife.


I’m pretty happy with my pawn friend this time around, Agon’s got that Jason Momoa thing going on. We’re super early so we’re rocking pretty basic gear but he’ll become a towering knight in time.


omg thanks for getting that “They’re Masterworks all…” line stuck in my head robowitch lol.

Everybody say hi to my pawn Dionn. He’s a good well-meaning boy who wields a big sword. Unfortunately he tends to put himself in harm’s way even when he’s at low hp.

(he’s the one on the right)

(bonus fun fact: Mr. Masterworks guy is the shopkeeper between us in the background)


This is Rachel (wasn’t really thinking a lot about names and whatnot back when I made her). She’s a Sorceress/Mage (mostly Sorceress though) who’s a mix of offensive support and damage dealer.

Her favourite thing is reminding people that Goblins hate fire and that (of course) the roads are safer than the brush.


God any opportunity to share the king and queen of my current playthrough. On the left is my player character Jeffy, a brawler princess who doesn’t take no shit from anyone. On the right is Collodius, my pawn, a former free man on the land who drank too much collodial silver and now wanders the roads of Gransys warning against the dangers of that foul product and that foul ideology. He’s a mage. He has an extremely squeaky voice.


In true Dragon’s Dogma fashion I was ambushed by a griffin when I was looking for good outdoor lighting in order to make a photo of my pawn. Decided against the outdoors after that was dealt with.

This is Lynette! She’s a Sorcerer that absolutely loves to go toe-to-toe with the largest monster she can find. On top of that, she is permanently annoyed about everything and will absolutely berate you at any given moment. I couldn’t ask for a better travel companion.
Before we had to sit down and have a good talk she was rather fond of climbing up on said big monsters and bonk them with her staff.

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getting stuck in to the switch version by taking the arisen ms. lizzie bennet and the pawn mr. fitzwilliam darcy out on an adventure. it is enhancing the experience 500%. though “darcy” wasn’t a nickname option, so I’m just gonna pretend “darshe” is pronounced the same way.

and idk if friend codes are strictly necessary, but mine is SW-2485-2922-3899 if anyone wants to snag this good fightboy! (he’s not actually that good at fighting yet)


This makes me incredibly happy.

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Let me preface that I’m not very good with character editors. And I didn’t set out to do this but here we are.

Here’s my Adam Driver inspired monstrosity (that I’m pretty happy with)

I wish I knew how to upload video because the voice fits uncannily well.


My Pawn is named Red Jack after the Friends at the Table NPC, he’s a big buff red oni (I tried at least to make him one with the tools I had) who I’m making into a Sword wielding defender type character. Still trying to get him into some better armor to show off, and find a good spot for a picture.

Sidenote: does anyone know where I can find my Pawn ID? I think it’s easier to share it with that but have no clue where it is. My friend code is SW-6400-3665-0816


Once again I find myself playing the intro over and over again because I get to the character creator and just completely freeze with choice, then eventually just close the game in frustration. I’ve got the day off tomorrow and genuinely one of the important things I have to do is just “settle on a Dragon’s Dogma character”. That’s a day of work. I am not confident in my ability to do it.

The plan once I do though, is for my pawn to be Urbosa from Breath of the Wild. I had Ganondorf as my pal on PC, and he served me well, so this seems to follow the same vein in a way I like. I am deffo gonna try some other stuff though. I remember not quite managing to get something looking like a JoJo stand despite my efforts, so another pass at that would be a good bet. Also wonna try for Cloud, but that’s likely just gonna look just like a skinny white dude without the right hairstyle.

See pics attached of my Very Handsome Ganondorf.


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I realize I should have posted this in here to begin with, but here’s my Arisen, Lola, with her primary pawn Wynona (the pink-haired mage in the background) and two randos from the Pawn Shop, or whatever it’s called. I made Lola and my wife made Wynona.

I’ll have to dig out her pawn ID when I get home.

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Slightly off-topic but I figured this’d be the best place to ask: I have a save on PC that I haven’t played in like… 3 years? I fired it up when the crew mentioned it on the pod and I accumulated a ton of Rift Coins (Crystals?) from lending my Pawn out. Is that stuff worth anything or would it be fine if I just started over?

I also read that there’s an item you can get that lets you back into the character creator for your Pawn. Has anyone here tried it? I’d like to know if it allows you to change their name as well.


If you start a hard mode save it takes you back to the start and carries over all your stuff, even letting you re-enter the character creator at the normal points in the story, if you feel like taking that on. Not the perfect option, but it is there.


Secret of Metamorphosis. You buy it from a guy in the tent where you get your first Pawn for like 10000 Rift Crystals, and it unlocks the character editor from the main menu for both you and your Pawn, and lets you edit everything including names. As mentioned, Hard Mode and NG+ both also let you redo your characters. e: forgot to mention: it’s only available after beating the Dragon

RC can be used to buy stuff from that vendor but are mostly useful for purifying Bitterblack Isle Items, which are the best equipment in the game, and for upgrading items.

anyway here is my pawn, Hot Greg the Hork (hunk orc)

e: hard to see there but his pawn id is 51BE-C5A4-D1C0


I may give this game another shot. I’ve had a couple of false starts where I’ve given it a handful of hours but didn’t quite get it. It looks like a game I should be into, but for some reason I keep struggling.


Yes!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t beat the game on my save but luckily that vendor also sells a one time use version of the item that I was able to afford.

Just in case anyone else needs the info; the item is called Art of Metamorphosis and it costs 5,000 RC to use it. It’s sold by a Pawn in yellow in The Encampment (between the starting town and Gran Soren) and you can use it to access the full character creator once from the main menu.

Anyway, here’s Pev (me, background) and Tess (Pawn, foreground)!

And an outfit swap for funsies! (Tess decided to eat something before I took this.)


After a solid day of character creating I ended up making my main pawn a Vergil lookalike. He’s pretty good, but I feel bad for falling back on my crutch or making lookalikes in character creators, so I think I’ll grab the thing that lets you change your pawn as soon as I can now that I’ve an idea for a more original character. Big V here will serve me well for now though.


I just made a Red Jack fighter pawn (to go with my Throndir player character) and then came here to find some good pawns. Sending you a friend request if that’s alright.