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If Ben Simmons could shoot like 35% from 3 and figure out how to expand his game around it, he’d basically be a top 5 player imo. Obviously that’s a lot to ask, but it would be quite something. As a Celtics fan I’ve been concerned all season that they’ll get the Sixers round 1. Recent developments have not made me feel any better.

Wake me up when Simmons does that in game that count. He intentionally stopped taking those shots ever once his coach called him out on it. Hopefully he’s learning to be an adult.

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Turns out he was a stretch 4 all along.

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you joke but i think most sixers fans would tell you that we’ve been yelling for him to play point forward for a while now. the team does so much better when he plays with other ballhandlers on the floor. it makes signing Horford last summer seem even sillier than it was at the time, and even trading for Tobias, who I love as a human but who never quite fit on this team as well as Jimmy did. the Butler+Redick+Simmons+Embiid+nebulous 5th starter lineup really was the best version of this team.

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As a former Suns fan it is hard to say, but does this mean Colangelo was right?

Hard to say honestly? Burnergate was such a singular, defining event that it’s hard for me to say anything good about Colangelo.

But that 2018 team was underrated, and if actually given time to grow, would probably be way better than the mismatch of parts we have now. Simmons was Colangelo’s consensus #1 pick and Redick is probably the best free agent signing this team has done in a long time, while everyone else on that team was Hinkie acquisitions.

(That said, last year’s team was also really good. It’s this year’s team, where they decided Horford could play the 4 and Tobias the 3, that’s painful and makes no sense.)

Sometimes I wonder about the world where the Kings pick-swap and Fultz trade never happened, and we ended up with De’Aaron Fox at #4 instead, and man that team would have rocked.

Fox would have been better, but you still would have two players that wanted to start at point guard. Though, that might have made it easier for Simmons to move over to the 4 last year, than if you try to get him to do it for someone like TJ.

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To be fair, Fultz was supposed to be that as well, but whatever accident/mental issues/Bostonian magic trick that made him forget how to shoot kinda ruined that plan. But I think most importantly that might have prevented the star-hunting trades that came after 2018, and we would have ended up with a Fox/Redick/Covington/Simmons/Embiid lineup, with Saric at the backup 4, Landry Shamet and Mattise Thybulle, and plenty of assets and cap for a backup center who isn’t cooked and/or a fire-off-the-bench type guard. This team just had so many assets and they went and spent all of them on pieces that don’t fit with their core.

First year GMs often start out with big trades, otherwise they would have kept the old guy. I guess Brand was in the position for a slower approach, but maybe ownership wasn’t? – Nba playoff bracket if anyone wnats to join

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So, uh, Portland-Orlando finals locked in? It’s Dame time baby!

These were some fun first games, but the Magic winning game 1 vs. the Raps last year is pretty fresh for me. That said, my take has been that the Bucks are the best team. Doesn’t look like that at all right now or for the past month.

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After 2 years of the Bucks just wrecking teams, I forgot the most fundamental rule of being a Bucks fan: Never Trust The Bucks. They haven’t looked right all restart, but that was easily the worst they’ve looked so far.


Magic beat the Raps basically on a game winner, while this win was a lot more convincing. I was admittedly being facetious, I do think the Bucks are still going to win in convincing fashion. But Portland-LA, I think I’m sensing an upset.

I’d be so about a Portland LA upset, but I don’t have faith quite yet. It feels like Portland doesn’t have any wing defenders. If Lebron wants to take over I don’t know how they stop him.

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dang, i’m bummed i missed the bracket challenge. fun games yesterday. i think i’m on the blazers bandwagon with chuck.

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Maybe LeBron is finally too old!

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This is capital W Wild y’all. An honest to god wildcat strike taking place during the NBA playoffs. Hell fucking yes. Justice for Jacob Blake. Justice for all those who suffer under police oppression.

Black Lives Matter.


watching whats happening tonight as a fairweather fan of basketball is pretty wild. Kenny Smith literally just walked off set on TNT and basically said “fuck you this is more important than the game” while the rest just sat there and thats genuinely something to watch. Shout outs.

Im hoping this builds to a general strike and doesnt stop with sports.

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I don’t follow hockey, but somehow the NHL being the one major league to not budge still feels extremely unsurprising