They're playing basketball, we love that basketball

So the NBA is… uh… cancelled. Gonna be weird looking back at this season if they don’t come back.


Gobert mocking efforts to be sanitary by rubbing his hands all over a bunch of microphones and then being the one player diagnosed with COVID-19 three days later—which then grinds the entire league to a halt—is just… maybe this is a fucking simulation. How can you be that reckless? I don’t think much surprises me anymore but I’m astounded at that.


And now to add to Golbert’s recklessness and ignorance he has infected his teammate Donovan Mitchell. He apparently was very careless touching other players and their belongings. Thankfully no one on the team, coaches, and media with the Jazz tested positive for COVID-19. Just pure stupidity and carelessness by Golbert.

  • Continue the season
  • End the season

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I know continue is pretty vague, given the ideas for coming back range from play-in tournament to just start the playoffs, but I figured I’d just make it an one or the other question. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks about either continuing or ending this season. I know it’s no where near coming back right now, but hearing they are thinking of holding it a Disneyland made me curious.

Continue the season from where they left off.

In March 2021.

NHL and NBA both keep talking about when they’re going to play again… given where the US appears to be headed I don’t see how starting next season on time will even be possible, let alone finishing this one.

Shut it down. Treat it like a strike shortened season and move on. The risk to NBA staff is too great. I love basketball, but there are far more important things to consider right now.

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A real shame because this was shaping up to be one of the better seasons in the past decade or so. But there is no way that there is going to be anywhere near an ending to this one. Just write it off.

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It breaks my heart to end the season, given how rare championship-caliber seasons can be for one’s favorite team, and this certainly could have been a title-winning season for my team. But I just don’t see a way to safely do so. Realistically, you’d have to maintain a bubble of over 1,000 people when you take into account players, coaches, training staff, game operations, hotel/food service etc, basically have those people locked down for something like 2-3 months, and have regular testing for all of them when the widespread testing still isn’t easily available for the public. Testing capacity would have to take huge leaps over the next month to have it be a legit possibility, and it’s hard to see that happening.

Shut it down and see where we’re at come winter to hopefully start back up without crowds in December, then stick with a December-August schedule from here on out.

For real with this shaping up to be a great post-season. You could make a good case for probably as many as 5 or 6 teams have legit title contention hopes (even if there are a few clear front-runners) and it was going to be really exciting to see it all play out. I’d love to see a post-season without crowds (can you imagine watching playoff basketball and being able to hear everything on the court?! Put it on HBO, don’t censor a thing, I’d pay whatever you want for that) but it’s just too unrealistic for me to see it happening. Would love to be proved wrong, but it’s just not gonna be safe.


As excited I was at the possibilty of an alternate universe NBA playoffs I’m having a harder and harder time seeing how that is possible safely.
The thing that really scares me though is that football us 100% coming back at the detriment to all involved. And probably with full crowds. So will the NBA really be able to shrug off their owners seeing that build up and wanting that revenue? And if they just straight out cancel this season there is a non zero chance that it irrevocably damages a couple of teams to the point where competing won’t be possible for years. And that would be the cause of the next lockout because the big spending teams will be fed up supporting teams that got crushed during this season and the next one.

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I agree that football is coming back basically without question at this point, but I do doubt that it’s with crowds. Governors can still nix gatherings of X many people in their states, and while I imagine most of them would cave to the pressure the NFL and federal government could put on them, I could still see Newsom telling them all to stay out of California if they’re not going to play without crowds. Considering that the Rams and Chargers really, really, really want to show off their new stadium, drum up interest in future season tickets, etc., the prospect of having to play their games in some college stadium in Arizona might be enough to secure a no-fans NFL (not that that’s not still bad, but better at least than the full package would be).

As for the NBA, there’s next to no chance the rest of the regular season gets played. That ship has sailed. But I can’t get over the idea of using Disney World as a site for the playoffs. It feels like fanfiction but somehow… it also seems like by far the most viable plan? The biggest logistical hurdle would be having the testing capacity to keep the players and support staff effectively quarantined, but as far as sports in a bubble go, that place is the most effectively-designed bubble on Earth. Accommodations, food production, etc. are already there, gyms and courts are already there, and Disney owns half of the networks that broadcast playoff games, so they have a vested interest in those games happening.

(To be clear, I also think they should end the season—I’m just morbidly fascinated with this whole endeavor.)

god, imagine a world where, in exchange for the ability to hold playoff games to Disney World, every NBA team had to rebrand as Disney IPs. Need this more than anything.

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In relatively less controversial basketball events, is anyone else watching The Last Dance? Yes yes, it’s shameless Jordan propaganda, but a) he was just an asshole, not a murderer or a genocidal politician so everyone chill for a second, and b) nostalgia is an effective salve right now.

Overall I’m really enjoying it, and I’m glad this week they put some respect on Jordan as a baseball player. Everybody who thought he sucked or was an attention hog has no idea about how players develop in the minor league system and it was cool to see Terry Francona spell that out for people. Also, that Jordan-less Bulls roster was quite formidable and hopefully it gets people to realize how good of a supporting cast that was throughout the six titles.

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I can never get over how much Jordan and Kobe are praised for, essentially, being huge assholes. It’s always rubbed me the wrong way when they’re worshipped as larger-than-life figures with “winning mentalities” or whatever. I dunno. I just can’t get over it.

Long story short, I am not watching the shameless Jordan propaganda. And I won’t lie that I can’t wait for every basketblogger to stop talking about him once in a while after the doc is done airing.

… That was relentlessly pessimistic! I have nothing against people who like Jordan, though, or who are enjoying the doc. But it is nawt 4 me dawgs.

Totally fair and reasonable take on it, although I would push back a bit on equating Jordan and Kobe. Jordan was a jerk, no doubt, but he never had a credible rape allegation against him as far as I am aware. His gambling stuff was shady no doubt, but it doesn’t seem like he harmed others with it. So yeah, completely unlikable dude and perhaps we as a society shouldn’t equate greatness with being good. But Jordan was no Kobe.

That’s very fair and I am being a bit too broad lumping them completely together.

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The documentary is propaganda, executive produced by one michael Jeffrey jordan, but I think it is fairly well put together with the exception of the stuff about the pistons. But again, produced by jordan.
Jordan has has propaganda produced for him for decades though. The history of the NBA since him has been jordan propaganda. The entirity of LeBron’s career is colored by people carrying water for Jordan. So this doesn’t really feel all that extra to me. I’m only 4 episodes in though.
I do absolutely hate the idea of glorifying jerk behavior. One thing I like about the modern NBA is that starting with LeBron the top players aren’t just relentless monsters. Or at least they’re civil about it.
It isnt just sports where we so this. We do it in most aspects of life. And it’s so clearly wrong thinking. We just take these correlations as true.


i think the show has been fascinating. it’s been nice to have a regular tv event thing to look forward to every week.

as a kid i lived in the chicago area around the time of the first 3-peat. i played basketball with bill cartwrights son. my life was basically bulls mania, and MJ will always be my GOAT.

it’s been cool going back and being able to see pieces from these games that i remember watching back when they happened (or listened to them on the radio, even). i remember being in my parents livingroom crying because i thought the bulls were going to lose before paxson hit the three. crazy trips down memory lane.

and yeah, MJ is an asshole. a remarkable asshole, for sure. the killer instinct and the insane drive to win are just fascinating to me. the fact that you can interview all of his former teammates all these years later and none of them can really say he’s a nice guy says a lot about the price he paid to be the best.

it seems like he had a pretty lonely existence. at no point in this doc have i been like “damn, i wanna be like mike”.


Ya but more than a few times I was like “damn I wanna be like Scottie!”

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Alright, The Last Dance is now over. It definitely didn’t present any significant new information to people that followed the NBA in the 90s, but it was slickly produced and a fun trip down memory lane. The earlier episodes were more enjoyable to me as I don’t really remember the 80s so I got to learn more about the league at that point, but the later half was also fun rewatching old memories.

HOWEVER, episode 9 has left me with the head scratcher of all head scratchers. Why does Jordan feel the need to re-contextualize the “Flu Game” as the “Food Poisoning Game”? First off, the new story barely holds up to scrutiny, as broken down here:

But secondly, what is gained by changing the story to food poisoning? Jordan was under the weather and then balled out, the cause of the sickness is kinda irrelevant. And if this is all an elaborate cover up for a hangover as many suspect, why change the story now? And why does Jordan care so much to coordinate such a story with his inner circle? Truly a new mystery for the basketblogosphere to obsess over, and I for one am grateful for that gift.