They're playing basketball, we love that basketball

Probably because Jordan is an asshole who wants to make himself look better? I don’t think it’s that complicated.


How does food poisoning versus having the flu burnish his legacy?

maybe it’s the idea that someone did it to him—it was an “enemy plot” that he foiled, rather than just some twist of fate that he overcame? that certainly seems like something jordan would love to insert into his legend.


This is the same guy who years back told Jack McCallum on the record that he told Rod Thorn that he wasn’t interested in the Dream Team if Isaiah was on it. He now claims that he never said anything like that. I think that at this point Jordan will say anything to make himself look better.

MJ is too tough and string grrr to get the flu like normal people. He was poisoned! By Isiah Thomas!

Ok, but how about this conspiracy theory? In these corona times where an NBA player was roasted for not taking precautions while carrying an infectious disease, MJ and crew realized that him playing sick and possibly spreading the virus would not play well with a quarantined audience. So they slapdash came up with this cockamamie pizza story to cover up what was basically coming into work sick, and inserted into the broadcast just hours before airtime. Now to wait for r/NBA to pick this up and it becomes established fact.


it’s fascinating to me how much speculation there has been regarding this game, the illness, the cause of it…

it might just be that the “flu like symptoms” were what the tv people heard and repeated over and over, so it just became the flu game and MJ/staff didn’t feel the need to “correct” that story at the time, and finally decided to do so now because big documentary event.

again though, it’s just amazing to me how much speculation there has been, especially since the documentary and the pizza story. personally, i don’t really care what happened: flu, pizza poisoning, MJ poisoned by prostitutes, MJ terribly hungover, abducted by marvin the martian perhaps… none of the possibilities would really change the narrative for me, which is just: super ill MJ plays big in big game, MJ is big.

i guess it speaks to how much of a legend he is, or how bored people are right now (or both) that this particular piece of the legend is being dissected so widely.

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Oh this is 100% because I’m fiending for basketball that I care so much about this stupid controversy.

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It’s weird seeing all the very matter-of-fact “you have to be an asshole to be the best” and “he had to sacrifice friendships for championships” takes coming out of this doc considering how much of his career overlapped with someone like Gretzky.


btw, in other basketball-related news

y’all are probably aware of this, but just in case you aren’t - there are some complete bulls playoff games available to watch on espn streaming services. i watched the pizza game last night! if you’re at all interested i’d recommend going back to watch some. the quality of the video seemed to be quite good, and it’s nice to go from the soap opera ‘documentary’ bulls to just watching them play and interact and do their thing on the court.

So the NBA season is coming back!! Here is the full story on how it will work. Games will start again on July 31 and could possibly go all the way to October 12. It sounds interesting, but also as a fan of one of the six teams trying to get the 8th seed it has left me with some questions. Everyone will play 8 games, but teams have played an uneven amount of games so how will a tie work? Also how will the matchups for these game be decided? Will these hopeful playoff teams only play each other or will they have to play some of the teams that are already in the playoffs? I think most of my questions are because I’m a fan of one of these teams. I’m just excited to see basketball played again.

I’ll be interested to see if they bring in the play-in game for the 8th seed to next season and beyond. I think it would be a great addition. You’re only going to play a max of two games, you give a bit of rest to the teams that already made the playoffs as a reward, and the owners are more likely to sign off on it because there is another opportunity to get a another game or two worth of ticket sales. I’d really like to see this become the norm in years to come. Fingers crossed.

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I think some of those questions don’t have clear answers, but I read that the schedule for all teams will be the next 8 games they would have been scheduled to play before the season was suspended. If they were slated to play a team that is no longer playing, they skip to the next game. That does seem to have some issues though, as some teams had more games scheduled against the teams that have been kicked out (particularly Eastern conference teams, as those are most of the teams who are now done), and that is going to create some scheduling discrepancies that will have to be sorted out.

I personally think this is not a great way to do things. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I wish they just would go straight to the playoffs with the current teams. I know that would be frustrating for teams on the playoff bubble right now, but at the end of the day, I don’t know how fussed we should be about determining which teams get waxed by the Lakers or Bucks in the first round, particularly when the more teams are brought in, and the more games we have, the greater risk of a COVID-19 breakout happening. I get the desire to generate as much revenue as possible from a salary cap perspective, but I think if they’re going to do a restart, the highest priority should have been 'what is the way we can get to the end of the season with as little risk to players as possible?" And this ain’t it. Really hope they can figure things out logistically.

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Yeah the Pels really got the short end of the stick in regards to the new schedule. The vast majority of their remaining games were against the teams that aren’t going to be there. Also I think their 8th game is against the Spurs, but that would be the Spurs’ tenth game. So like you said there is still a bunch to figure out. There is plenty of time for that though.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I think this is simultaneously the best scenario to maximize revenue, interest, and safety. I think if they went straight into the playoffs there would be a significant amount of fans that just wouldn’t watch. They’ve already have not been watching for months, so it would be very easy to continue to not watch. Now you have a totally unique and novel way of determining the last seed. You’re probably right in that whoever the 8th seed is they’re going to get smoked by the 1st seed. That isn’t the point of it though. I think more fans will watch it just to see if it works or to say they saw the first (maybe only) play-in game.

I also understand you’re regard for player safety. Zach Lowe said on his podcast that he thought it should have just been 20 teams since the Suns and Wizards aren’t technically eliminated from the playoffs, but if you were watching before the shutdown you knew they weren’t going to make it. But ultimately I think the hit the salary cap would take by going straight into the playoffs would be much more impactful on a player’s life than if they get the Coronavirus. Let’s be honest these players have easier access to the necessary treatments than a normal person like you and me. Between their own personal resources and in combination with the ones they would receive from their team and league, I sincerely doubt a positive coronavirus test would be as impactful on their livelihood than other people. Whereas, I think a drastic hit to the salary cap will be much more impactful on players’ lives. With the contracts signed during the past couple rising cap years, the free agents this year and at the very least the follow year would take a major drop in their pay. Those old contracts would take up a much more significant part of the overall cap space leaving very little room to sign other players without going over the cap and incurring a penalty. Now the question of whether or not the millionaire owners should pay that penalty is a whole different thing, but I sincerely doubt that all of a sudden they would start doing that. So the players would be the only ones getting hurt by the decrease in the salary cap. Granted this is if no players test positive before things can start up again. If that happens then who knows what is going to happen.

Gonna re-emphasize that this is a bad idea and will only lead to more cases in the Orlando area and through the United States and possibly the world. Basketball is just not that important.

That all being said, I’m definitely going to tune in like the hypocritical ass that I am. Toronto versus Everybody, etc, etc.


I’m in the same boat. I think this is a mistake. I think this is going to be problematic in the extreme. And it will be deemed a success because I imagine there will be great ratings and there will be no NBA players who catch covid while this mini season is happening. But when you also look at MLS being there two weeks earlier and all the other sports happening around Orlando at the time that gonna a cause a major problem with increased cases.

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Some real coffee-is-for-closers energy on this one.


What’s funny is that I’m pretty sure Gran Destino costs the least to stay at of those 3 properties (though I think that has more to do with location than quality - not particularly close to any of the parks, but obviously not really a concern for players).

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I don’t know about any of y’all, but during this downtime between games I’ve been searching for unique and good content looking into the NBA. I just recently found Foolish Baseball, and as a lapsed baseball fan I was surprised how much I enjoyed his videos despite not really following the sport anymore. I highly recommend his Mark Buehrle Was Baseball’s Speedrunner video. I only bring up Foolish Baseball (Urinating Tree is another similar one but for football), because I’m looking for a similar style of video for basketball. I’ve been slowly going through YouTube videos about different basketball topics, players, etc., and I haven’t found a single one that I felt that did anything unique or interesting. I felt like most were titled something ridiculous like “The Truth About Lonzo Ball” and then they break down that he has been shooting better from 3 this year. Or another mentioning possible Bradley Beal trade partners, mentioning the Lakers, then saying there is no way the Lakers to trade for him they just don’t have the assets, but then still spending 3/4th of the video discussing what it would look like if Beal was on the Lakers. There are some that I question even watch or understand basketball (looking at you video suggesting the Pels should get a defensive minded center at the trade deadline despite having Derrick Favors on the roster and then bring up trade targets like Hassan Whiteside). I’ve even tried to find Pelicans specific creators, and it seems like most of them are Pels fans because of the former Lakers players and/or Zion. This leads to their analysis being incredibly biased, lazy, and at time just flat out wrong. I don’t know if I am just getting screwed by the algorithm and it continues to feed me these lazy boring videos, but I’m hoping one of y’all has come across a creator that would fit what I’m looking for. Thanks!!

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Fellow lover of Foolish Baseball here!

The closest thing I have to a recommendation is a video from this “Coach” guy:

I have only watched this video, but I thought it was pretty good. (Also I’m a 'tics fan.) His others seem to have slightly clickbaity titles, but the content in the video I linked was pretty good and maybe the others are, too.

Bill Simmons is (rightfully) in a lot of shit right now, but The Ringer’s basketball staff has some really good writers who also do videos. I would assume those videos are probably solid, but I haven’t watched much.

Edited to add - Zach Lowe’s “10 Things” column is my favorite basketball read and probably what got me back into the sport. It’s best read - sooooo… not a video - but it comes at things from a similar angle as Foolish for baseball. So my best video recommendation for you is a column you probably already know about, but that’s what I got!

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