They're playing basketball, we love that basketball – Nba playoff bracket if anyone wnats to join

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So, uh, Portland-Orlando finals locked in? It’s Dame time baby!

These were some fun first games, but the Magic winning game 1 vs. the Raps last year is pretty fresh for me. That said, my take has been that the Bucks are the best team. Doesn’t look like that at all right now or for the past month.

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After 2 years of the Bucks just wrecking teams, I forgot the most fundamental rule of being a Bucks fan: Never Trust The Bucks. They haven’t looked right all restart, but that was easily the worst they’ve looked so far.


Magic beat the Raps basically on a game winner, while this win was a lot more convincing. I was admittedly being facetious, I do think the Bucks are still going to win in convincing fashion. But Portland-LA, I think I’m sensing an upset.

I’d be so about a Portland LA upset, but I don’t have faith quite yet. It feels like Portland doesn’t have any wing defenders. If Lebron wants to take over I don’t know how they stop him.

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dang, i’m bummed i missed the bracket challenge. fun games yesterday. i think i’m on the blazers bandwagon with chuck.

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Maybe LeBron is finally too old!

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This is capital W Wild y’all. An honest to god wildcat strike taking place during the NBA playoffs. Hell fucking yes. Justice for Jacob Blake. Justice for all those who suffer under police oppression.

Black Lives Matter.


watching whats happening tonight as a fairweather fan of basketball is pretty wild. Kenny Smith literally just walked off set on TNT and basically said “fuck you this is more important than the game” while the rest just sat there and thats genuinely something to watch. Shout outs.

Im hoping this builds to a general strike and doesnt stop with sports.

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I don’t follow hockey, but somehow the NHL being the one major league to not budge still feels extremely unsurprising

There were reports saying the Celtics and Raptors were thinking of not playing their game tomorrow so I think if it didn’t happen today it was going to happen. This is WILD!! I now the players have no way of controlling this, but I would have loved to see them just have to air the empty arena for the entire TV slot. I truly hope some real change can come from this.

Also shout out to the WNBA players who wore these shirts

The WNBA doesn’t get as much attention as the NBA, but whenever they come out with a statement/action they’re just an impactful or more so than their NBA counterparts.

Here is the Bucks’ statement in written form that they delivered after the game. An amazing quote from it, “When we take the court and represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we are expected to play at a high level, give maximum effort and hold each other accountable… In this moment, we are demanding the same from our lawmakers and law enforcement.”


Baseball teams are striking as well. I’ve never seen anything like this.

@trty0 I do wonder how much of that is the fact that they’re currently based in Canada and a pretty significant portion of the players aren’t Americans.

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Then they’re fucking cowards. Canada has a long history of police brutality towards racialized people. Historically and presently it has been Indigenous people being abused by police, but also Black people. To say this is an American problem is the height of white privilege in Canada, and it doesn’t surprise me that white, rich Canada who form hockey’s fan base, would not deign to strike when more racially diverse leagues are doing so.

EDIT: Just checked out the r/hockey subreddit to take the temperature of the fan base. Yup, lots of whataboutism and “what will a strike do” JAQ-ing off. Also, while the NBA and team subs are dealing with a major racist brigade problem, there are plenty of upvoted comments in r/hockey with patently racist screeds about Blake deserving to be shot for being a pedophile, which honestly is a new one to me. Stay classy hockey world.

EDIT 2: Looks like the NHL did in fact come through and will postpone games through Friday. Glad to see them choosing solidarity here.


For real. Canada has a serious problem with police brutality, and even if the movement hasn’t escalated to the uprisings happening south of us, theres still protest happening and work being done. Just anecdotally you can feel things bubbling over in Toronto, where we’re dealing with a high profile case of police brutality in which the officers got off (CW, death, police brutality.)

We have a real problem up here with conservatives and middle of the road libs who say “it doesnt happen in Canada” when it openly and absolutely does and its deeply engrained in our culture, just the same as it is in the states. Hockey specifically is absolutely part of this culture. Its an extremely rich, white sport with a lot of rich, white privilege attached to it. Hell, one of Canada’s highest profile shitlords, Don Cherry, was the voice of the sport up here for decades before he finally stepped over some arbitrary line and he became more of a liability than he was worth.

In this moment where sports specifically are taking a stand and seeing the NHL not doing that just reads as cowardice


Holy shit! Lakers and Clippers vote to stop playing this season. The other teams vote to continue. Will the NBA continue without these teams? Also these are probably the two highest profile teams with the highest profile player in LeBron James saying they want to continue their strike. I wonder if the other teams with continue without these two teams or if it had to be unanimous to do a complete strike.

Edit:It was apparently more of a polling than an actual vote. Still amazing that this is even a conversation that is happening.

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Makes sense. My comment wasn’t mean to diminish that and obviously hockey’s disproportionately white and conservative fanbase plays a huge role

this is incredible.

Well, thanks Obama


So this just came out of the blue. If the 20-21 Nets weren’t appointment viewing before, they sure as hell are now. What does everyone think? Can the greatest Canadian basketball player ever translate his on-court acumen to X’s and O’s on a clipboard?

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