They're playing basketball, we love that basketball

I’m sitting here a nervous wreck because my Bucks just gave away virtually all their first rounders for Jrue Holiday, so hopefully Giannis actually signs an extension. But beyond that…I’m, what the actual fuck is going on with Bogdan Bogdanovic? First it’s reported as done 4 days before free agency, then it’s not, Bucks release Ilyasova, who was part of the alleged deal, and now they’re under investigation for tampering?!

I’m glad the NBA cares so much about tampering when it’s a small market team trying to make moves to convince their star to stay, rather than, you know, that whole Lakers/AD crap that they did not give a single fuck about.


I am so happy Boylen is gone. It’ll be nice to see Lauri and LaVine free from that pompous egghead. Unfortunately Reinsdorf will likely continue to run a valuable and prestigious team based in a major city like a small market expansion franchise.