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Hey yo Lasse

I never disagreed with your logic on Hordford. [quote=“Warptoon, post:64, topic:895”]
Now you made the point that Horford is going to have trouble with the Cavs front court. I 100% agree, and I think the Celtics know that. Tristan Thompson should be having a monster series if the two teams meet.

But you have to give me some props on Stevens[quote=“Warptoon, post:61, topic:895”]
feel that Boston’s best weapon is Brad Stevens. Sure they don’t have enough weapons on offense to defeat the Cavs in a series. But I trust Stevens to find ways to help his team, which is more than I can say for Ty Lue.

That man kept his team focused for game 3, even after losing IT.


Man, I’m super nervous for tonight’s game. The return of LeBron and the Cavs dominance in the East has really been hampered by the rise of the Warriors. I want a good series, but I’m tired of facing an “unbeatable” team again. Made last year epic and all, but I’m not a fan of going in the underdogs.


hey y’all - doesn’t look like it’s been posted elsewhere, but a few of us on the discord wanted to put together a fantasy league for the season. sign up link is if you’re interested x


Bumping this cuz it’d be fun!


NBA Season is underway!!! Boston looked poised for greatness with their two stars back from injury. The Pelicans (my team!) embarrassed the Rockets on their own court. Lebron lost another opener with a new team.

Who’s your team? What are you excited to see this season? I’m excited to see the Anthony Davis MVP/DPOY campaign year to kick into full gear. It had a great first stop in their win against Houston. I’m hoping he can continue to put up ridiculous stat lines, and win a much deserved MVP and/or DPOY!


I’m a Raptors fan, a team I would argue has probably the widest variance in projected performance of any team in the NBA. Which Kawhi are we gonna get? I am super nervous for tonight’s matchup against Boston. Here’s hoping the bench mob outlasts them.

EDIT: Davis is the truth, but how far can he take the Pelicans really? Do you think we’ll see a mid season trade to beef up for the postseason?


Boston and Toronto will be really fun. If Kawhi stays, which I hope he does, that will be a great rivalry for a long time. Plus you have the 76ers there too adding another young, fun rival to the mix.

If Davis keeps up this level of play from the 1st game and the second half of last year I think we could go very far. I think the conference finals are a possibility, but the West is just so hard. I could see the Pels finishing anywhere from the 2nd to the 8th seed. I imagine it will be like last year where seeds 3-9 were all separated by like 3 games or something ridiculous like that.
As for a mid-season trade, I can almost guarantee there will be one. That is a Dell Demps (the Pels GM) special. The first time we made the playoffs with AD two mid-season acquisitions were the catalyst behind the Pels making the playoffs (Norris Cole and Quincy Pondexter), and last year he brought in Mirotic who has played amazing since coming here and especially so since shaving his beard. He also got a pretty good trade chip in the expiring contract of Wesley Johnson in a trade just before the season started. It added some wing depth which is nice (a constant need for the Pels and going back even further when they were the Hornets), but I think the main reason it allows him to match salaries of some nice wing players such a Terrence Ross, Courtney Lee, and the ultimate hope for me and some Pel fans Harrison Barnes. Picks and stuff would obviously had to be added to the trade so the other team would accept, but Johnson makes more money than our previous trade chip (Alexis Ajincia) so it allows us to get some higher caliber players.


When it comes to the NBA, I’m just team #content. Team content is undefeated.


Markelle Fultz hit a 3 last night and I have not been that elated by a sports happening since my team won the Super Bowl.


Team content is arguably the only team to have had better off seasons over the past 3 years than the warriors.


I’m glad to see Hayward back on the court! I’m interested to see how he does this year, and how he gels with the rest of the Celtics. I was bitter about him leaving the Jazz (my team), but his injury combined with how good thee Jazz were last year took a lot of the sting away.

That being said, I’m so excited for the Jazz this year. They put up a good fight against the Warriors on Saturday, and I think they’ll do well the rest of the season. Between Ingles, Mitchell, and Gobert I think we’ve finally god something good going for us. I also am unbelievably excited for Grayson Allen. He’s the guy that everyone loves to hate, and I’m hoping he creates some tension on the court.


I think the Jazz and Pels both have the ability to jump up to that next tier of team in the West. I still don’t think either team could beat Golden State in a playoff series, but they could at least make them work for it like Houston last year. I really like some of the players on your team, Rubio, Mitchell, and Ingles specifically. It seems like Rubio has found a place/team he really gels with which I’m glad to see.

I don’t like the Jazz though. I’m still a bit salty Golbert won DPOY over AD last year. All three candidates were worthy and I’m obviously biased, but it just didn’t make sense to me. Plus they took the perfect New Orleans team name and took it to Utah. Give us our name back!!!

In all seriousness though, I’m glad there looks to be more teams that can challenge or at least push Golden State. While we all know that the most likely outcome is Golden State winning the title, that doesn’t mean there can’t be some fun till that happens. Wishing the Jazz luck this season, but not too much haha.


I’m very happy with Gobert winning DPOTY, but I definitely see where you are coming from. I feel like in the last year the Jazz really kicked it into the next gear, and it’s something I’ve seen the Pelicans trying to do for years. I think this is their year to really be a next tier team in the west! I’m excited to watch them this year


Whoo-hoo a basketball thread!

Cavs fan here getting used to LeBron-less Cavs 2.0. It’s going to be a long year if last night’s blow out against the freaking Hawks was any indication. There’s speculation that Kevin Love is already on the trading block, if someone wants that $145M contract. We’ve got Cedi Osman, Sexton and detritus from last year’s Finals roster.

I’m concerned about Sexton at the guard position, and not entirely sure why the Cavs drafted him. What does he do that’s exceptional? He’s a slasher but he’s had trouble finishing at the rim. Watching Trae Young light us up made the disparity between Sexton and other rookie guards more glaring. It’s a long year but I’m all for trading Love, Hill, Clarkson, Korver, etc. Jettison them now and begin the rebuild proper - it’s not like there’s another choice.


Unfortunately I’m a Kings fan, Fox and all the young big’s should be fun, whilst losing a lot and no draft pick to show for it. But at least Dave Joerger is playing most of the young guys. Looking forward to whatever trade deals they can jump in on and hopefully get some draft capital or a wing in the process.

Outside the Kings really looking forward to Giannis flourishing under Budenholzer and when we get to finally see playoff Boogie.


@Salamander I really like Fox too. For some reason he gives me the same feelings that I had about Oladipo (a young guy that I really wish could somehow get traded to the Pels, but I know won’t ever happen). My love for him started when he was coming into the league and his love of Dragonball Z was pretty evident. Then I saw him play a few times, and I liked him even more. I don’t know if he’ll be as good as Oladipo, but so far I like what I’ve seen from him so far. Also I miss Buddy. I’d make the Boogie trade 100 out 100 times even considering what happened, but I do miss Buddy. He was the first real rookie that the Pels had since AD/Austin Rivers. The entire arena was rooting for him whenever he came on the floor. Plus now that he has become the shooter we all expected him to be I think he would be a great bench piece for the Pels.

As for the Pels themselves, they play again tonight. It’s only the third game, and I’ve been craving more Pels’ basketball given how well they’ve been playing. I think this game against the Clippers will be another good test. In years past the Pels would let the other team dictate the pace even though they always talked about playing fast. They seemed to have, at least for one game (Kings), gotten past the mistake of playing down to their competition that has plagued them in previous years. I hope they can continue to show that they have grown, and don’t fall into old bad habits and let the slow-paced Clippers dictate the pace. Use your quick and athletic bigs against the more traditional bigs of the Clippers, and play them off the court! Fingers crossed they can do that and keep this amazing start to the season going!


It’s tough being a Raptors fan in the regular season these past few years, knowing they haven’t proven themselves in the playoffs. But this team looks bananas, and I’m so hyped for a deep run come May.

In the meantime, McDonald’s is doing a promo where you get free fries whenever the Raps hit 12 threes in a game, so I’m gonna enjoy that.


The Raptors have looked really good. Kawhi looks like his old self. I know a lot of Raptors fans were worried he would leave in free agency at the end of the year. Are you worried about that? Have some of those concerns died down with the early success of the team? Granted it’s only been a few games, but still I have to imagine it’s given the front office and Rap fans a bit of confidence in keeping Kawhi.

Speaking of promotional deals that might need to be updated. The Pels have a promotional deal with Raising Canes that if the team scores 100 points you get free fries. The Pels are currently averaging 140 points a game, and have past the 100 point mark before the 4th quarter in both games they’ve played so far. Raising Canes gets most of their money from chicken fingers and all so I’m sure they’re not too worried about handing out free fries, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that promotion change next year.


As a long tortured Bucks fan, I have been enjoying the start of this season. Giannis in a system that surrounds him with 3-point shooters? A defense geared toward getting opponents to shoot nothing but mid range jumpers? What is this madness? All I know is this finally seems like it will be a fun season. Amazing what happens when a team with this talent has an actual NBA coach coughJasonKiddShouldNeverCoachAgaincough


@Navster you guys do look awesome right now and I can’t wait for the Eastern conference playoffs this year (haven’t heard myself say that in a while). How much better do you think you guys can get if chemistry continues to improve?

@MattadorD that certainly sounds like a dangerous proposition for any restaurant. A close friend of mine is a huge Pels fan and I haven’t seen him this excited in years. I just really hope they’re able to keep A.D. a little bit longer for his sake, would be crushing for him to see him leave.